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ACC Videos contains excerpts from exclusive interviews with leading cable industry executives and communicators as well as material from ACC sponsored meetings.

Latest videos

FORUM 2015: Chief Communications Roundtable Highlights
In Silver Spring, Maryland cable industry executives discuss the communication challenges surrounding the perception versus the reality of industry services. They also touch on product innovation, content and community partnerships that make positive contributions to local communities. Participating on the panel were moderator Anthony Surratt, Group Vice President, Corporate Communications, Time Warner Cable, and panelists Pete Abel, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Suddenlink; Chris Albert, Senior Vice President, Communications and Worldwide Talent Relations, National Geographic Channels and Chelsye Burrows, Vice President, Public Relations, UP & ASPiRE.
(Added 08/15/2015)
FORUM Keynote, Donna Murphy, Senior Vice President, Research and Consumer Insights, Discovery Communications
Discovery's Donna Murphy opened FORUM 2015 on Thursday June 4 with her keynote focused on how individuals are using technology. She said everyone is part of the "connected generation" and that we are tethered to technology and devices. Murphy also talked about how we now document life experiences using technology and that we are all potential content creators.
(Added 07/07/2015)
FORUM Keynote, Lawrence J. Parnell, The George Washington University
Lawrence J. Parnell, Associate Professor and Program Director, Masters in Strategic Public Relations, The George Washington University addresses FORUM 2015 during his keynote on Friday, June 5. His talk focused on the communicators vital role during corporate mergers from per-merger to post-merger communications and message management.
(Added 06/15/2015)
FORUM 2014 panelists on Internal Communications Techniques
In Atlanta, FORUM panelists during the session, Communicating Messages Internally through Storytelling, review how they use multiple techniques to communicate effectively with a broad range of employees and then measure the effectiveness of their internal communications programs. The executives participating on the panel included moderator Scott Leith, Senior Director, Strategy Development, Turner Entertainment Networks and panelists Steven Barringer, Vice President - Internal Communications, Time Warner Cable and Kim Dimson, Senior Manager, Communications, Home Depot.
(Added 03/24/2015)
FORUM 2014 panelists talk about Telling Cable’s Value Message
In Atlanta, FORUM panelists during the session, Utilizing Story to Tell Cable's Value Message in the Community, talk about what customers what to hear from the industry as well as how cable companies should continue to emphasize the value they provide in language customers can understand. The executives participating on the panel included Brian Farley, Vice President - Public Relations, Comcast Central Division and Rob Stoddard, Senior Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs, National Cable & Telecommunications Association.
(Added 02/02/2015)
FORUM 2014 panelists discuss the New Role of Social Media and its Impact.
During FORUM in Atlanta, panelists during the session, The New Role of Social Media, discuss how social media has changed relationships and removed walls between PR professionals and the media. The executives participating on this panel included moderator Andrew Russell, Senior Director, Editorial Corporate Communications, Time Warner Cable and panelists Rob Baskin, Atlanta President, Weber Shandwick Public Relations; Keri Potts, Senior Director, Communications, ESPN and Chad Sandhas, Director of Communications, National Geographic Channels.
(Added 11/07/2014)
FORUM keynote speaker, Danette Johnson, Turner People Development, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc
Danette Johnson examines three areas that professionals must explore to define and manage their personal brand: Positioning, Programming and Promotion.
(Added 09/30/2014)
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Kevin Riley provides his insights on the dramatic changes happening in the newspaper industry. He also talks about disruptions, changes and opportunities for business models caused by digital media and how the multi screen environment is impacting all industries
(Added 08/06/2014)
Highlights from the FORUM 2014 closing panel, Executive Roundtable: On Call.
The closing panel of FORUM 2014 featured five communications executives who reviewed various aspects of being “Always On” in the 24-hour news cycle. In this clip they discuss how social media, the media, key executives or an event may require their attention at any time of the day or night and how they and their teams cope with this new reality of the communications business.

The executives for the session included moderator Anthony Surratt, Group Vice President, Corporate Communications, Time Warner Cable with panelists Katina Arnold, Vice President, Communications, ESPN, Inc.; Tom Larsen, Group Vice President, Legal & Public Affairs, Mediacom; Jim Maiella, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, AMC Networks; and Leigh Woisard, Vice President, Public Affairs, Cox Communications.
(Added 07/03/2014)
Interview highlights of Brian Stelter, Senior Media Correspondent and Host, Reliable Sources, CNN during FORUM 2014
Interviewed by Brian Weber of Bright House Networks, Brian Stelter talks about how communicators are turning into a brand themselves and the importance of social media to communicate with media outlets.
(Added 06/12/2014)
Anthony Surratt, Group Vice President, Corporate Communications, Time Warner Cable & ACC President
Anthony Surratt discusses the greatest challenges communicators face in the constantly changing media environment. And he also talks about the professional enrichment, idea exchange and learning opportunities during ACC’s upcoming conference, FORUM 2014 and why Atlanta was selected for the June 3-5 meeting.
(Added 05/15/2014)
Chris Brandt, CMO, Taco Bell on Video and the Second Screen
Brandt looks at the convergence of traditional video, digital video, social media and the second screen as marketing vehicles to reach the consumer where and when they are consuming media. He says traditional TV advertising is great for immediate response; however, social and the second screen opportunities build the brand over time.
(Added 03/22/2014)
Communicating Policy Objectives
In May during FORUM 2013, keynote speaker Norman Ornstein, Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, political analyst, author and columnist looks at the current political climate in relation to the cable industry. He said it may be more effective communicating industry messages across a broader audience in a way that emphasizes the value added to their lives. Because Congress is currently so dysfunctional, and with a possible re-write of the Communications Act, this strategy may yield better results than concentration specifically on elected members.
(Added 12/05/2013)
Crisis Communications Management
During FORUM 2013, luncheon speaker Jason Maloni, Senior Vice President & Chair, Litigation Practice for Levick, LLC provides his key points on crisis communications management. He notes that in a crisis situation it's about shifting the conversation to talk about what we want to talk about. And at best you can control only 50 percent of the story. Maloni also notes that you don’t need to respond to every comment, not everyone merits a response.
(Added 10/22/2013)
Content: The New Communication Vehicle
Senior executives outline the strategic reasons their organizations have turned to content creation to re-tool the communications function and leverage it on multiple platforms targeting a variety of audiences. The panel, Communications as a Content Factory, was the closing topic for FORUM 2013 and featured Gary Arlen, President, Arlen Communications LLC as the moderator with panelists Brian Dietz, Vice President, Communications & Digital Strategy, NCTA; Chris LaPlaca, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, ESPN, Inc.; and Anthony Surratt, Group Vice President, Corporate Communications, Time Warner Cable
(Added 09/18/2013)
Keeping Social Media Authentic and Real
A panel of social media executives provide their thoughts on giving your brand an authentic and “real” voice to keep your followers and others engaged while being aware of your organization’s guidelines as employees tweet and post information on social media sites. This conversation took place as part of the FORUM 2013 panel, Social Media's Role in Meeting Your Goals, with Jim Maiella, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, AMC Networks; Jenna Golden, Politics & Advocacy, Twitter, Inc.; Sean Hackbarth, Blogger and Social Media Strategist, US Chamber of Commerce; AJ LeGaye, Senior Sales Executive, Crimson Hexagon; and John Mitchell, Vice President of Strategy, CSE.
(Added 08/12/2013)
Communications Success Stories
Panelists explain how they have successfully used communications techniques, including social media, to communicate a value, connect with an audience or overcome a perceived obstacle. This discussion took place as part of the FORUM 2013 panel, The Net Generation's Views on the Future of Cable with Barry Blyn, Vice President, Consumer Insights, ESPN, Inc.; Kate Delmonico, Publicist, Digital Communications & Social Media, Discovery Communications; Matt Steinfeld, Vice President, Strategic Communications, The Glover Park Group; and Kirsten A. Sweet, Sr. Video Product Manager, Product Marketing, Virginia Region - Cox Communications
(Added 07/15/2013)
The Key Role of Internal Communications
Communications executives discuss the vital role internal communications has to ensure employees are aware of company announcements prior to their release to the media and the public. This discussion took place as part of the FORUM 2013 panel, Executives on Call: The Key Communicators with Susan Leepson, Group Vice President, Communications Strategy, Time Warner Cable; D'Arcy Rudnay, Chief Communications Officer, Comcast; Misty Skedgell, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications, TBS, Inc. and Monica Talan, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications and Public Relations, Univision.
(Added 06/11/2013)
Cable and the Media, Are we Communicating?
Members of the media who follow the cable television industry discuss building relationships with public relations and communications professionals and the critical role of creating personal contacts. Moderating the panel was Kimberly Maki, Corporate Vice President, Corporate Communications and Online Strategy, Bright House Networks; with panelists Liana Baker, Media Business Reporter, Thomson Reuters; Amy Maclean, Editor-in-Chief, CableFAXDaily; Jonathan Make, Managing Editor, Warren Communications News; and John Ourand, Staff Writer, Sports Business Journal.
(Added 05/14/2013)
Register now to attend FORUM 2013, May 8-10
Attend FORUM and join your cable colleagues to sharpen and energize your communications skills in Washington DC, May 8-10 in the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill.
(Added 03/25/2013)
Enter the 2013 Beacon Awards® and Receive the Recognition you Deserve
The entry deadline for the 2013 Beacon Awards® is March 22. The Beacon Awards, honoring excellence in cable communications since 1989, will be presented as part of FORUM in Washington, DC on May 9, 2013 in the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill.
(Added 01/28/2013)
Thriving as a Senior Communications Executive From FORUM 2012
Chief Communications Officers provide their advice on being the COO, the challenges of the job and developing a working relationship with the CEO during the FORUM panel, Hail to the Chiefs. Moderating was Anthony Surratt, Group Vice President, Corporate Communications, Time Warner Cable; with panelists Ellen East, Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, Time Warner Cable; Shirley Powell, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications, The Weather Channel; Pamela Rucker Springs, Vice President, Communications & External Relations, National Urban League Policy Institute and Gary Sheffer, Vice President, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, General Electric.
(Added 01/08/2013)
Technology's Impact on Covering the News. From FORUM 2012
Five journalists during the FORUM panel, Journalist Point of View, Round 2, shared their use of technology and its impact on how they report and cover events. The panel was moderated by Catherine Frymark, Senior Vice President, Communications, Discovery Communications with speakers David Bauder, Television Writer, Associated Press; Anthony Crupi, Staff Writer, Adweek; Michael Grebb, Executive Editor, CableFAX Daily; Marisa Guthrie, Senior Writer, The Hollywood Reporter; and Andrea Morabito, Programming Editor, Broadcasting & Cable.
(Added 11/27/2012)
Crisis Communications Advice from FORUM 2012
During a FORUM 2012 general session, four political consultants shared advice on how to handle crisis communications. The Elections 2012! It's a Mad, Mad Political World panel was moderated by Dana Bash, senior congressional correspondent, CNN and featured Arik Ben-Zvi, managing director, The Glover Park Group; John Feehery, founder, The Feehery Group; Karen Finney, political consultant and MSNBC political analyst; and Bruce Haynes, managing partner, Purple Strategies.
(Added 10/05/2012)
Powell and Grebb at FORUM 2012
What is the main message that cable communicators should convey to the public? NCTA President & CEO Michael Powell answered CableFAX Daily’s executive editor Mike Grebb’s question during ACC’s FORUM 2012 in New York City.
(Added 09/18/2012)
Attend FORUM 2012!
What are the critical skills cable communicators need to succeed today? Find out at FORUM 2012: Communicator.2012 The Critical Skills for Today. It will be held September 12-13, 2012, at the Hilton New York.
(Added 09/04/2012)
Accounting for the Value of Brands
Why may it be difficult to get your communications budget approved or increased? At the ACC Cable Communications Institute, James Gregory, CEO of CoreBrand, explains that while the majority of company value is now based on intangibles such as brands, the accounting standards still in use often only credits tangible items.
(Added 07/27/2012)
Reporters on Staying Relevant
Journalists Peter Lauria, Brian Stelter and Georg Szalai share how they work to stay relevant in today’s changing media environment during a FORUM 2011 panel. ACC’s 2012 FORUM, Sept. 12-13 at the Hilton New York, also will feature a reporters’ roundtable.
(Added 06/22/2012)
Attend ACC’s Communications Institute
Learn from cable industry and cable communications experts at the ACC Cable Communications Institute June 20-22 in New York City!
(Added 06/11/2012)
Genachowski on the FCC Today
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski discusses how the agency is adapting to the new digital landscape.
(Added 05/12/2012)
Enter the 2012 Beacon Awards!
Earn the recognition you deserve! Enter the 2012 Beacon Awards honoring excellence in cable communications since 1989. The now extended deadline is May 11, 2012.
(Added 05/02/2012)
Eliason on Social Media and its Integration with Corporate Communications
Frank Eliason, SVP, Citi Bank addresses ACC’s 2011 Institute class, May 4 in New York City. He talked about how social media has changed the way corporate communications functions and the passion customers have for cable products.
(Added 03/05/2012)
Insights from 2012 CES
Evan Hansen, editor-in-chief of, discusses the highlights of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.
(Added 02/05/2012)
The Future of Communications
PR Agency Leaders Steven Cody, Pat Fitzgibbons and James Gregory discuss the future of PR, internal communications, news releases and the ROI of communications during a FORUM 2011 general session moderated by ACC President Rosa Gatti.
(Added 01/05/2012)
Journalists’ Pet Peeves
Journalists Peter Lauria, Amy Maclean, Brian Stelter and Georg Szalai discuss their pet peeves and preferences during a FORUM 2011 general session moderated by ACC Board Member Annie Howell.
(Added 12/05/2011)
Jeff Cutler at FORUM 2011
Jeff Cutler, social media journalist and content specialist, shares his Twitter tips and tricks, why he loves Facebook and his advice for 10 minutes to bliss in social media management.
(Added 11/02/2011)
Michael Powell at FORUM 2011
Michael Powell, president & CEO of NCTA, during Thursday’s general session talks about how the industry must challenge itself and take risks, be innovative and strive to delight cable customers.
(Added 10/07/2011)
Attend FORUM 2011!
Join your fellow cable communicators in New York City October 5-6 at FORUM 2011 to learn the latest on how your peers are using social media and integrated communications to advance their companies and gain insights from DC insiders and top journalists.
(Added 09/07/2011)
Eliason on Brands and Social Media
Frank Eliason, SVP, Social, Citi Bank addressed ACC’s 2011 Institute class, May 4 in New York City, and talked about the power of cable brands, the passion customers have for cable products and social media’s impact on both.
(Added 06/21/2011)
Using Social Media for Promotion
Paul Rodriguez, senior director, social media strategy, NCTA, discusses how you can use social media for promotion.
(Added 05/13/2011)

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