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How Cable Communicators Are Using Social Media Today
An ACC Online Chat - November 8, 2011
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Welcome to ACC’s latest online chat – How Cable Communicators Are Using Social Media Today! During the next hour, we will discuss how social media can help you achieve company goals. All are welcome to participate. We only ask that you remember that this is a professional forum and act accordingly.



ACC has lined up four experts to help us dig deeper during this discussion. They are:

David Blumenthal, senior director, corporate communications, The Weather Channel

Howard Mortman, communications director, C-SPAN Networks

Michelle Scheuermann, director of communications, The Sportsman Channel

Melissa Sorola, communications director, Time Warner Cable Texas Region

  Melissa_Sorola Hi there, thanks for having me- this is Melissa Sorola and I’m the Communications Director for Time Warner Cable in Texas based out of the Alamo City. I’ll celebrate my 5-year anniversary with TWC in December. I work on media relations for TWC in SA and for the past 3 years have worked diligently to incorporate social media into our plans/execution. The Texas team tweets from @TWCable_TX

  Michelle_Butler Unfortunately, Patricia was not able to participate due to a work commitment.

  Michelle_Butler Happy Anniversary, Melissa!

  Melissa_Sorola The Big 5! Can't wait

  Michelle_Butler Welcome, everyone! Please feel free to ask questions.

  David_Blumenthal Hi, I’m David Blumenthal, sr director of corporate communications at The Weather Channel. I have been with Weather for 6 years and work with our network and digital platforms on internal and external comms

  Michelle_S Hi everyone! I'm Michelle Scheuermann w Sportsman Channel. I tweet @Ladysportsman and you can find us on FB at I also have my own blog at Looking forward to chatting with you all!

    Social Media and the Nationwide Test of the EAS

  Steve_J With the upcoming nationwide test of the EAS, has anyone utilized social media (twitter or Facebook) to reach out to customers/viewers regarding tomorrow's event? Would this be in addition to any other efforts?

  HMortmanC-SPAN Yes, David, at C-SPAN we are posting to our Facebook page and tweeting about the EAS test as well as running a crawl on our networks

  Melissa_Sorola Hi Steve - we've used social media to get the word out about the EAS test and have sent out Tweets that direct people to a blog post that was written on our corporate blog Untangled

  David_Blumenthal I think we will be doing the same. Posting on our Twitter and FB pages and running a crawl.

  Melissa_Sorola We also reTweeted an NCTA post today too - we'll continue to do that leading up to the test - my counterparts across the country have also sent info out on Twitter

  Michelle_Butler What kind of response have you received from your social media efforts on EAS?

  HMortmanC-SPAN Sorry, meant Steve (not David) on EAS response.

  Melissa_Sorola No response directly to us but I've seen a good amount of info out there about the test

  David_Blumenthal For us it’s too soon to tell but we will be watching it closely.

  Michelle_Butler Other than EAS, how are you using social media to achieve your company’s communications and business goals?

  HMortmanC-SPAN Social media is actually a tremendous complement to C-SPAN’s public service mission, which includes relaying information (without commentary) to the American public about what’s happening in Washington and politics – and to hear back from the public. We like to think we were using social media since 1981; opening our phones to our viewers to ask questions of public officials. Certainly broadband changed everything: Today we use social media to provide schedule information, allow the audience to continue the conversation on politics/policy topics of the day (complementing our callers), show what members of Congress are saying on social media to supplement our Congressional coverage, etc. Social media fits nicely into our overall mission.

  David_Blumenthal Social media is a part of everything we do to promote our shows and online content and it’s something our team works with marketing and our content teams on. It’s also a content source for us and is featured prominently on all of our platforms.

  Michelle_S Ditto what David said for what Sportsman Channel is doing. It is a part of EVERY discussion

  Michelle_Butler Since 1981? You are on the leading edge, Howard.

  Melissa_Sorola We use social media to promote new services and community events. We also use it to interact with customers and put some faces to our company- Our Corporate Care team, @TWCableHelp uses it to help customers with service issues

  T.Canales my question: I’m new to social media (watching for a while), but I manage our Political Action Committee in Texas and as a recruiter who speaks to employees (and ever mindful of how my own personal opinions affect my work), I wonder how many of you have maintained two separate accounts (work identity and personal identity)?

  HMortmanC-SPAN Calls are still the backbone, but tweets and Facebook comments are incorporated as much as possible.

  taylorclues We've started adding QR codes to our promotional giveaways that bring people to our website.

  Michelle_Butler Why did you start using social media?

  HMortmanC-SPAN To help our audience know what's on C-SPAN networks and to expand our audience engagement.

  Michelle_S T. Canales - oh yes, I have a twitter and blog that isn't official "company business." My twitter I keep both VERY professional and ask myself what my boss would think about this? Everything you put out there is YOU - YOUR COMPANY. So you must think twice.

  HMortmanC-SPAN For the question on personal/work twitter accounts, I personally use mine for both -- but we have several folks here who are active tweeters who separate the two.

  Michelle_S Sportsman starting using Twitter b/c all of us "younger" generation were pushing it! We had our own personal pages and kept at the company to be the leader in our space

  Melissa_Sorola T. Canales - I recently reactivated my personal Twitter handle so I could interact with brands as a customer so I incorporate what I've learned to our @TWCable_TX handle - I do have a disclaimer on my personal handle that says those tweets are my own - I'm interested to see how other people distinguish between the two

  HMortmanC-SPAN I like Michelle's point: and it's actually a great exercise in being adult and professional in our public encounters. The old NYT test -- don't say/do anything you don't want on the front page. Keep it clean!

  Melissa_Sorola HMortmanC-Span - I like to try and keep my personal one separate from the biz side too

  Michelle_S We also just had "proper internet usage" with HR and let me tell you, it opened my eyes. Everything you say is a reflection of your company

  Michelle_Butler Time to brag. What has been the most effective thing you’ve done with social media?

  Michelle_S most effective thing has been our FB chats. People love them!!

  Steve_J. For those of you who are using social media as part of your communications efforts, how are you able to track the results of social media versus other more traditional communications? Do you integrate your efforts with your colleagues in Marketing?

  David_Blumenthal This past summer our product teams partnered with Twitter to launch TWC Social. It’s an aggregation of every weather related tweet in real time which is delivered across all of our platforms.

  Michelle_Butler Michelle, are the FB chats about programming?

  Michelle_S Our FB chats are with a host of one of our shows - so yes, all related or tied back to a show we are really pushing at the time.

  Melissa_Sorola We learned a good lesson this year in maximizing our resources - We used to have three handles in Texas for our North Texas, Central Texas and South Texas areas, earlier this year we consolidated our Twitter efforts and launched a handle for Texas @TWCable_TX; we were able to gain additional followers, reach more people, and be more consistent in interacting and sending out messages; my coworkers G’Nai and Ryan and I manage the handle; when we’re really busy and have events going on throughout the state (which happens often) I like how it shows the scope of our involvement in Texas

  HMortmanC-SPAN Most effective? Putting tweets and Facebook on the television channel. Incorporating both into our daily Washington Journal live call-in program. And also showing tweets from members of Congress on screen during Hill coverage.

  Michelle_Butler Melissa, TX is a huge state. How do you address really local events with the one handle?

  Michelle_S I also think the giveaways we've done on FB (being very cognitive of the ever-changing rules) have helped grow our audience.

  Melissa_Sorola Michelle_Butler - we're careful in using hashtags for local events so our followers will know where the event is i.e. #SATX for San Antonio #ATX for Austin

  HMortmanC-SPAN On metrics, we do track number of followers and retweets -- to measure our success, but also, frankly, out of, curiosity, to see what info is resonating. Twitter has some great tools these days on analytics.

  David_Blumenthal Social media is an integrated effort with our marketing team.

  Michelle_Butler Howard, can you tell us more about your favorite Twitter analytics tools...

  David_Blumenthal We do track metrics, typically with social is about followers/likes etc.

  Michelle_S Steve - we will track the results for a specific release or show. But the Social media process is just one tool in our PR toolbox. My bosses are still most concerned about the bigger hits.

  Michelle_Butler David, what metrics do you chat?

  Michelle_Butler David, I meant track. What metrics do you track?

  HMortmanC-SPAN I think it's actually called Twitter Analytics (pretty fancy, eh?). Straight from the company.

  Michelle_Butler Google Analytics has always been great. I'll have to look into Twitter Analytics.

  Michelle_S Metrics like hashtags, the number of retweets, the number of likes or shares are always good. For FB, we had more than 100 comments about the weather one day. Obviously we knew we hit a solid topic!

  David_Blumenthal Beyond followers and likes we also like to see how many people participate when we use tools like Storify during weather events

  Melissa_Sorola Steve_J sounds like we do something similar to what HMortmanC-Span does - new followers, reTweets, views to any pictures we send out, views to press releases we place on Pitch Engine, etc.

  HMortmanC-SPAN David: I’ve read a lot about Storify but haven't used it. Do you like it?

  Michelle_Butler Have you ever been able to measure your social media efforts through its impact on the bottom line? ROI type stuff?

  David_Blumenthal we do, we mostly use it during big events. Our meteorologists will get on and answer questions

  David_Blumenthal during Irene they answered hundreds about local issues from viewers

  Michelle_Butler What do you like about PitchEngine?

  HMortmanC-SPAN (The mention of PitchEngine reminds me of the countless calls I get from vendors trying to sell their services. One of the neat things about the way social media is headed is that you can do so much yourself without outsiders).

  Michelle_S BTW - the founder of PitchEngine is a big time hunter. He used to work in our industry and then off and started his own business!

  Michelle_Butler What is Storify?

  David_Blumenthal it’s essentially a live chat tool

  Melissa_Sorola Michelle_Butler - I've liked Pitch Engine in the past because it was easy to put up a release and also incorporate photos, videos and then Tweet it out - I also liked the metrics part of it because it would show views to the release - they recently changed the back end of it and I'm still getting used to it - I'll give the new version some time

  David_Blumenthal it enables our folks to post regular updates on events as news happens

  David_Blumenthal also is really good for answering viewer QA in real time

  Michelle_Butler Is it harder/easier to measure results of your social media efforts than your traditional communications efforts?

  Melissa_Sorola David_Blumenthal - how does Storify look/work on your website - does it embed a chat screen?

  David_Blumenthal yes, it appears as a content module on

  Michelle_S Michelle - it is harder to measure results of social media than traditional media for us. Esp. with Twitter. We are trying to get the bosses to learn that the number of "likes" isn't really the end story. It is now about engagement

  Melissa_Sorola David_Blumenthal - would Storify work on an internal website too?

  David_Blumenthal I think it would, my understanding is that we have licensed it

  Michelle_Butler Michelle, how do you measure engagement?

  Michelle_S How to measure engagement...good question - we are learning it is more about the comments and shares on FB. If we put something out there - like tune in for a live chat - how did that spread? how many people joined the chat? How many q's were asked? Were they happy?

  HMortmanC-SPAN If you love numbers, social media is perfect for you. All the numbers (followers, #of tweets, etc) are right there for you -- and the public -- to see. And the fact that traditional media folks use twitter and blogging as part of their work shows what their industry values.

  Melissa_Sorola re: measurement - I think we're refining our measurement efforts for social media right now -it's not harder - just something new for us

  Michelle_Butler We've touched on social media vs. traditional media. When is it best to use social media? When is it best to use traditional media? How do you decide?

  David_Blumenthal For us it’s not really one or the other, we will use both for a show or product launch.

  HMortmanC-SPAN All of our media (and marketing) campaigns use both, complementary. I can't think of any "PR push" we've done that hasn't combined both elements. Both sides bring value in their own ways .... and good PR efforts will combine strategies for both.

  Michelle_S We use Social media for EVERYTHING. Every release is tweeted and posted and it’s all timed/coordinated with the Digital Services team.

  Melissa_Sorola We integrate social media into most of our p.r. plans now -

  Michelle_Butler Melissa, you bring to mind a question I've heard a lot in the last 6-12 months. How do you integrate social media into traditional communications plans?

  Michelle_S I think the hardest thing for us is coordinating the on-air strategy with print, with digital and PR. We want to flip and switch and bam! you see the tune in everywhere and the release is out getting picked up

  HMortmanC-SPAN Also, we have a more constant conversation with reporters via twitter, regular interaction with many reporters. That sets us up nicely for pitching them offline. (and some reporters prefer to be pitched via twitter direct messaging)

  HMortmanC-SPAN BTW, I'm amazed at how much faster it is to see results via twitter than via Google alerts, which seem almost antiquated now.

  Michelle_Butler Howard, you mentioned interacting with reporters via social media. How has social media affected media relations?

  Michelle_Butler Interesting point on Google alerts!

  Melissa_Sorola We have it right in there with the Strategy part of our plan - when we're really, really, good we even have pre posts written out for Twitter, Facebook - part of the planning for social media also involves doing some research as to who we can target and we spend some time researching Twitter handles of media, bloggers

  HMortmanC-SPAN At C-SPAN we have a social media specialist and a traditional media specialist. It's all coordinated, but we do segment that out that way. The reason: even though it really should be seamless, it's easier to manage that way internally, and my two specialists can develop their own contacts better.

  Steve_J. Are you able to do any type of follow up with folks who have "liked" or "retweeted" something to gauge your efforts?

  David_Blumenthal I think social provides a great window into what reporters care about

  Michelle_S Steve - I usually try to tell people "thanks for the RT" It makes them feel special

  HMortmanC-SPAN For Steve's question: yes, we're constantly on the look out for people to follow and even retweet (adhering to the keep it clean principle, of course). We also do trivia contests on twitter, which are great for engagement (and buttress our education/information efforts).

  Melissa_Sorola I agree with David- it's good to find out what the reporter is following and also writing about to see if you can approach them to become part of a story they're working on

  Michelle_S I've developed most of my outdoor blogger relationships b/c of Twitter. I just comment on their tweets, or RT a few times and then suddenly, you have an ongoing relationship. Of course, it helps that we can talk about something in common - like hunting or fishing! LOL

  HMortmanC-SPAN On Michelle's note about "thanks for the RT," something else you can do is follow what reporters are talking about (outside of your work) and engage them that way, joining them at their dinner table, as it were.

  Michelle_S Also on twitter- I gain lots of followers (and good relationships) when I give something of value away. Like an autographed hat, or a camo cooler. People love the opportunity and appreciate it

  Michelle_Butler Let's talk specific platforms a little more. Has anyone used Google +? How does it work? Do you like it? How is it helpful in achieving your company goals?

  HMortmanC-SPAN We're in the early stage of Google plus adoption. Always curious what the new tools are, looking down the road.

  Melissa_Sorola I'm using Google + right now to get to learn it more and how we can use it - I do like the ability to target "circles" with specific messaging

  Michelle_Butler I've heard a lot of positive buzz about the circles.

  David_Blumenthal We are also in the early stages. Our social media manager is setting up an overall page for the brand.

  Michelle_Butler A social media guru from NCTA shared a demographic study on Google + and said it is mainly used by middle aged parents living child-centered lives in the suburbs.

  Michelle_S early stages as well for Sportsman

  J_ramirez I work for a Cable Association here in California. We have put out an RFP on the streets for our maiden voyage communications plan. In addition, we have a fb page and Twitter page. We have some followers but we need more. Can anyone offer up any advice as to how we can attract more followers? Thank you.

  Michelle_Butler Are blogs still important? Are any of you still blogging?

  Michelle_S Well, I'm a DINK (double income, no kids) so that means I must not be the target audience! HA!

  Michelle_Butler I've also heard that it's just marketing and pr types on Google +.

  Michelle_S I have a personal blog and worked for two years to get Sportsman to get their own blog. Now we have one! I'm in charge of the Sportsman blog and it’s a lot of work!

  CharterKevin PR.Marketing types with child-centered lives in the suburbs...guess I should join!

  Melissa_Sorola re: blogging - we have our corporate blog Untangled that Jeff Simmermon does a great job of running that for us- it allows us to tell stories differently - as opposed to a traditional press release- also lets us showcase some of our employee viewpoints on new products, services, programs,etc

  David_Blumenthal sign me up

  HMortmanC-SPAN J-ramirez: keep in mind the big picture of social media: it's not talking TO people, it's talking WITH people. For instance, you can target legislative staffs by tweeting out links to your policy positions and statements that help them do their job better.

  Michelle_Butler Google + would welcome you, I'm sure, CharterKevin.

  Michelle_S Melissa - do you let employees blog on your corporate blog?

  Michelle_Butler I still love blogs, but I have heard that they are becoming less important.

  Michelle_S J - I posted some tips in the stream above on how to get more followers for both FB and Twitter. Giveaways are a huge thing - and engagement. You can't just tweet or post a FB post once a week. It doesn't work that way

  Melissa_Sorola Michelle_S: - yes employees - there are of course Communications team members that mostly blog but our Care team, Govt Relations and HR also post too

  David_Blumenthal We do have blogs but they are from our "traditional" content sources -- our weather experts

  Michelle_Butler I also just read that Google + has just opened up to brands.

  HMortmanC-SPAN One more bit of advice for j_ramirez -- be leery of people trying to sell you on SEO. Google rankings are not yet a science.

  Melissa_Sorola J_ramirez - here's another tip - follow other Cable Associations on Twitter and Facebook - Texas Cable Association are active on both

  Michelle_Butler Twitter vs. Facebook. Is one more important than the other? Or is that apples vs. oranges?

  David_Blumenthal I think its apples oranges

  Michelle_S Twitter and FB are apples and oranges for us. We do diff things for both. And don't connect your twitter feed to FB! It’s annoying

  David_Blumenthal for us we have different uses for each platform

  Melissa_Sorola ditto Michelle_S

  Michelle_Butler How do you use Twitter?

  David_Blumenthal twitter is an ideal short burst feed for us which is well suited for weather updates and brief snippets from our field folks

  HMortmanC-SPAN Neither is more important, in my opinion. their uses are distinct, tho. We use both, in slightly different ways. Facebook is better for getting comments on issues we're covering on our networks. Twitter is a better way to quickly get out information about our news-driven programming schedule

  J_ramirez Understood, thank you all!! ::up

  Michelle_S We use Twitter more informally - like giving shout outs to people - or asking off the wall q's. I'll post stories not only from our industry, but also business related stories that get RT'd quite a bit. We don't post anything other than Sportsman-centric articles on FB

  Melissa_Sorola Facebook allows us to have some longer posts too - and our Marketing team has been doing more contests/promotions on FB

  Michelle_Butler What other social platforms do you use regularly and find helpful? Foursquare? Groupon? YouTube? Anything else?

  Michelle_S We just joined Get Glue and I am learning the ropes.

  Michelle_Butler What is Get Glue?

  David_Blumenthal We just started using Get Glue which helps promote shows

  HMortmanC-SPAN We do use foursquare. We like it. Because many of the events we cover have distinct locations that we can tie to our foursquare efforts. We even have a C-SPAN Badge!

  Michelle_S Get Glue is like Foursquare for TV shows

  Michelle_Butler Can anyone sign up for Get Glue?

  David_Blumenthal anyone can sign up for Get Glue

  David_Blumenthal and they have a mobile app

  Melissa_Sorola My coworker G'Nai used Foursquare recently for an onsite event at the State Fair of Texas - people "checked in" and they won prizes - it was nice goodwill

  Melissa_Sorola Get Glue is fun!

  Melissa_Sorola But I feel like it's showing how much TV I really watch - which is a lot

  Michelle_S I just read somewhere that Get Glue is THE social media tool for 2012.

  HMortmanC-SPAN Great example Meslissa_Sorola ... we use Foursqare, for instance, when the C-SPAN Bus is traveling the country in partnership with our local affiliates.

  Steve_J. Did you have to promote folks to sign up with Get Glue or is it popular enough that folks already are using it?

  Michelle_Butler Thank you for making me more cutting edge. I need to look into Get Glue. Foursquare makes me think about stalkers.

  Michelle_S Get Glue is in their infancy stages - they need help getting the word out.

  Melissa_Sorola A lot of our programming partners are on Get Glue and it would be interesting to see how we can partner with them on a promotion

  CharterKevin I have a question, and think it relates to J_ramirez question also... If you were just starting out, what's your most important tool for integrating social media into PR? What would you do first? (Melissa Sorola can't answer - already asked you this in Austin!).

  HMortmanC-SPAN We also have a huge presence on YouTube.

  Melissa_Sorola okay CharterKevin!

  David_Blumenthal I think its twitter

  Michelle_S CharterKevin - I would get on Twitter

  Melissa_Sorola I hope what I told CharterKevin was good!

  Michelle_Butler Howard, is YouTube helpful? I always wonder if it's duplicative of Web site efforts.

  CharterKevin It was great Melissa!

  Michelle_Butler So, does that mean that Twitter is the most important social media tool right now?

  HMortmanC-SPAN Good question Michelle-Butler .... We use YouTube when we think something might go viral, to use a 2007 term, and for when we want to use a platform that everyone in the world knows. Otherwise, video can be shared from our Video Library online archives and from our website.

  Michelle_Butler I think Jeff Cutler at FORUM thought FACEBOOK was the most important.

  David_Blumenthal I think it’s the easiest to get up and running on

  Michelle_S I wouldn't say Twitter is the most important, but it’s the easiest to set up and get yourself involved in social media. And it doesn't have the rules that FB does

  Michelle_Butler I have heard the advice that you should first try some of the social media platforms personally before professionally. Do you agree?

  Michelle_S I think between choosing Twitter or FB, you have to ask where is your audience? I had a Twitter account for our public affairs program, HuntFishFeed, that I deleted b/c I felt that I was getting more engagement on FB

  Melissa_Sorola I remember Cutler saying that about FB too but will have to dig up my notes to find out why

  David_Blumenthal Yes, especially by just getting on and following folks you think do it well to see what they do

  HMortmanC-SPAN Clear expectations and buy-in from your senior leadership is important. They need to understand the value of online innovation, so that it's not relegated to "check-the-box" status.

  Michelle_Butler I think FB it's because there are more people there, but it feels more personal to me.

  Michelle_Butler How do you get buy-in from senior leadership?

  Michelle_S I agree you should be on a platform personally before professionally. Then you can make mistakes and learn and it’s okay. But still keep in mind, whatever you say on the internet, you are STILL representing your company. Remember the PR agency employee who was fired after landing in a small town and tweeting how lame the town was?

  T.Canales I've enjoyed being able to watch / re-tweet on twitter. FB seems daunting because it is so personal. I like twitter for getting started.

  Melissa_Sorola Michelle_S- I think it was FedEx

  Michelle_Butler Yes, Memphis, the headquarters of Fed Ex.

  HMortmanC-SPAN On the buy-in question, I guess I'd answer this way --that innovation needs to be part of the corporate culture and purposeful. It must make a corporate business or policy objective.

  J_ramirez There is some really useful information here today. I joined this convo 20 mins late (pc error) Would anyone know if there is a way I could print out this stream? I'm sure I missed some good points early on.

  Michelle_Butler J_ramirez - the transcript will be posted in the members-only area of

  Melissa_Sorola We have a very supportive leadership team - I think they're excited when we bring them new ideas of how to reach our audiences using social media

  Michelle_S How to get buy in from leadership - I agree with Melissa - our CEO was the one who suggested we get on Get Glue.

  David_Blumenthal Our leadership is on social media so they are really supportive

  Michelle_S Your senior leadership either "gets it" or they don't. If they don't, you have a hill to climb

  Michelle_Butler Are any of you using social media for internal communications efforts? How?

  HMortmanC-SPAN On internal communications, C-SPAN is really too small a company to use anything other than email and a corporate intranet posting site.

  Michelle_Butler There are about 10 minutes left. Please feel free to ask any remaining questions!

  Melissa_Sorola re: internal comm - at ACC Forum a panelist suggested Yammer as a tool to use internally

  Michelle_Butler What is Yammer?

  Michelle_Butler What has surprised you the most about social media in the last few years?

  Michelle_S Surprised me the most about social media? That people still use forums to communicate. That is so 5 years ago!

  Melissa_Sorola From what I've seen - you set up Yammer to use almost like an internal Twitter tool - someone creates an account and I think only certain people (employees) are allowed to join -(I think)

  David_Blumenthal the speed of growth on all of the major platforms

  J_ramirez What has surprised me most is that a lot of my friends go to facebook and/or Twitter for up to minute news, as opposed to the normal news outlets.

  HMortmanC-SPAN Over the last five years, I've enjoyed watching the evolution from online message boards to blogging to tweeting/FB. It seems like every new platform gets easier to use, better suited for engagement and connection to our audience.

  Melissa_Sorola J-ramirez- I like to use Twitter for news too - it's the fastest

  Michelle_Butler Social Media really has changed where people get news, J_ramirez, hasn't it?

  Michelle_Butler Any final advice?

  HMortmanC-SPAN Enjoy social media, don't be fearful of it.

  Michelle_S Final words- do what you feel works for YOUR audience. Not what some self-proclaimed social media expert told you to do - or even an article. Every situation is different.

  J_ramirez It sure has! I read something the other day where it said "Facebook is pretty much like, well...the Internet itself.

  Michelle_Butler Any other social media predictions?

  T.Canales Thank you for the great perspective. This has been useful for someone who is fearful. I'm just learning to enjoy it!

  Michelle_S I predict social media will get easier, and yet more complicated

  Michelle_Butler Good luck with your social media efforts, T.Canales!

  Melissa_Sorola Jump in T. Canales!

  T.Canales Gracias!

  Michelle_Butler How do you stay on top of all the social media platforms out there?

  David_Blumenthal I think the advice from the speaker at Forum helped. 10 minutes at a time

  Melissa_Sorola Social media does let you have fun and interact with your audiences - I know I have to remember that too - it's about conversations

  Michelle_S You really have to pick and choose what's important to you at that time. It can get overwhelming, but you need to break it up into smaller segments

  Michelle_Butler If you missed the FORUM advice, you can see a video of it at - 10 minutes to social media bliss.

  Melissa_Sorola 10 minutes is hard when you have Twitter and HootSuite up all day ;) but I'm trying to get down to 10

  Michelle_Butler Social media can be addictive, can't it?

  Michelle_S At our company, I'm the Twitter "expert" and our digital guy is our FB "expert" And I do the blog and Get Glue. So we break it up

  Michelle_Butler Thank you, everyone, for making today's chat a success! Best of luck on all your social media efforts!

  CharterKevin Thanks everyone for the great advice!

  Steve_J. Thanks everyone! I enjoyed interacting with you all today!

  Melissa_Sorola Thanks for another fun chat!

  J_ramirez It has been a pleasure!

  David_Blumenthal thanks for including me

  Michelle_S This was fun - thanks for inviting me Michelle and ACC!

  Michelle_Butler Thank you for participating in ACC’s latest online chat. ACC’s next online chat will be in December and is about career planning and development in today’s business world. Check for more details. Please feel free to contact me at or 202-222-2372 if you have any suggestions for future topics, feedback on this chat, questions, etc.


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