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Internal and Employee Communications
An ACC Online Chat – August 13, 2009
Download .PDF version of the transcript
Michelle_Butler                                                 Welcome to ACC’s latest online chat – Internal and Employee Communications! During the next hour, we will discuss how cable communicators are crafting effective internal and employee communications campaigns that inform all employees about business goals, inspire them to improve the customer experience, and connect frontline employees to senior management and vice versa.
Michelle_Butler All are welcome to participate. We only ask that you remember that this is a professional forum and act accordingly.


Michelle_Butler ACC has lined up four experts to help us dig deeper during this discussion. They are:
Christine McCafferty – Director, Communications, Comcast
Wanita Niehaus – Director of Marketing, Corporate Communications, Scripps Networks
Monique Peyser – Director, Internal Communications, Time Warner Cable – Carolina Region
Susan Warner – Senior Director, Public Affairs, Time Warner Cable
Christine_McCafferty Hi, this is Christine McCafferty. I handle Employee Communications for Comcast's California Region. Employee commitment is a priority and our tactics are designed to keep the dialogue open and our employees motivated.
Monique_Peyser Hi, this is Monique and as part of Time Warner Cable’s communications team for North & South Carolina, I’m responsible for managing the internal channels used to connect our employees with the information and resources they need to most effectively do their jobs.
Susan_Warner Hi, this is Susan Warner. My focus at Time Warner Cable is employee communications and how we can educate our employees on company initiatives and at the same time, spark a two-way dialogue to move the company forward.
Wanita_Niehaus Hi, this is Wanita Niehaus and I am part of Scripps Networks Corporate communications team. I’m responsible for managing the internal channels – intranet, posters, emails - used to connect our employees with the information and resources they need to most effectively do their jobs.

Goals for Internal and Employee Communications

Michelle_Butler Welcome, everyone! Please feel free to ask any questions at any time. I'll start. What are your goals for your internal and employee communications efforts?
Christine_McCafferty Our goal is to be sure that our approximately 7,500 employees have the information and tools they need to do their job most effectively and create an ongoing two way dialogue on a regular basis.
Monique_Peyser Our goal in the Carolinas is to connect our 6,500 employees with the information that they deem most important to help them do their jobs most effectively and stay informed most efficiently.
Susan_Warner Our goal at Time Warner Cable corporate is to educate, inform and engage 47,000 employees in a two-way dialogue to move the company forward and reinforce the culture of the company.
Wanita_Niehaus Our main goal is to keep the employees informed about what is going on in our business and hopefully give them the tools and information they need to better accomplish their daily tasks. We also try to keep out company priorities top of mind for everyone.
Michelle_Butler How are you using internal communications to achieve your company’s communications and business goals?
Susan_Warner By seeking employee feedback through the intranet, we’re able to get a quick pulse on what is happening at Time Warner Cable. Here are two examples: When we announced that we had reached 4 million Digital Phone customers, our employees immediately started a discussion thread on potential enhancements to the DP product line. We also have 26 active discussion streams on how we can advance customer service within TWC.
Christine_McCafferty We have a strong employee commitment to ensure we keep them informed and motivated. Aside from the weekly newsletter and all-employee emails when there is pertinent information, we host a monthly employee broadcast live with our Regional Senior Vice President.
Monique_Peyser We’re leveraging two-way communication whenever possible and effectively balancing the internal channels used to properly disseminate hi-level messaging and pertinent information.
Michelle_Butler Susan, where do the discussion streams take place? On an intranet?
Susan_Warner Yes the discussions take place on our intranet, Channel You, available to all 47,000 employees.
Bryan_Byrd What do the panelists see as the top 2 challenges for EC practitioners today?
Christine_McCafferty Top 2 challenges for us is reaching the frontline and ensuring our employees have the time to digest our communications
Michelle_Butler Susan, are the discussions happening on blogs? On chat boards?
Susan_Warner On our intranet, employees can rate and post comments on articles, they can blog and post comments on blogs and they can participate in our discussion board.
Wanita_Niehaus Re: business goals ... We regularly highlight departmental and individual achievements towards the established annual priorities. Sometimes in posters, or the front page of our intranet. Other times in our quarterly magazine we'll highlight successful programs. We're constantly going back to the identified goals.

Two-way Communications and Reaching the Frontline

Michelle_Butler Monique, what has been the most effective form of two-way communications that you've used?
Monique_Peyser Face to face is still the best. We’ve had great success with executive road shows! Technologically speaking, Email and Intranet: Employee e-Blasts offering links to Intranet for more information are very effective.
mcummings Studies and best practices indicate that face-to-face communication is the most valued. How do you support, evaluate and measure that effectiveness? How does 2-way support you with that effort?
Monique_Peyser We're continually requesting feedback and surveying our employees to evaluate needs and effectiveness of what we're doing.
Michelle_Butler Christine, what have been the most effective tactics for reaching the frontline?
Christine_McCafferty We've created an intranet for our techs out on the road, called TechConnect which streamlines the information that is most pertinent to them. Also, our employee broadcast is encouraged to be viewed in groups and hopefully they are not scheduled to be out on jobs at the time. We then ask for group discussion following the broadcast
Michelle_Butler Christine, how do your techs access your intranet site? I assume they don't have desk-tops.
Christine_McCafferty Our techs have laptops for "dynamic dispatch" and TechConnect is their homepage
Christine_McCafferty They can also access on their own at any time
mcummings Do you evaluate your mangers/supervisors face-to-face communication? How do you determine effectiveness of message?
Michelle_Butler Monique, how do you design your executive road shows? What works well?
Monique_Peyser We plan regularly for our EVP and other leaders to visit our different locations to meet directly with the employees. Road shows are designed to present hi-level state of the region information and field questions from employees.
Michelle_Butler Monique, what have you learned from employee response to your surveys?
Monique_Peyser We've learned from our surveys that employees want to be a part of the planning process, they're eager for information and sharing their ideas
Monique_Peyser In lieu of face-to-face when execs can't travel due to schedule constraints, we're planning regular monthly video shows that put the face of our leaders out there while providing the information on a regular basis.
Michelle_Butler Monique, do you have an internal TV channel for your employees then?
Monique_Peyser We're discussing an Employee On Demand channel that will provide videos for employees at the touch of a button...our most recent survey just asked for employee interest.
Christine_McCafferty Our large employee base and geographic region make it a challenge for a more personal interaction that our employees, and executives, would like. We try to overcome this with the monthly broadcasts and a key component as to why we do them live is to, hopefully, give the feeling that our Senior Executives are talking directly with them and make it as personable as we can.
Michelle_Butler Susan, have you used blogs internally for a long time? Do you moderate comments? Any concerns on that end?
Susan_Warner Michelle, Our motto is “slightly filtered and heavily monitored.” Employees can rate and post unfiltered comments on articles and blogs. For the discussion board, we created 7 topics and we filter new threads. But once a thread is established, employees can post unfiltered comments. But we always monitor – meaning we read all threads – very rarely do we take a post down. We've been active with the discussion board and blogs for 4 months now.
Michelle_Butler Susan, who reads all the posts? That sounds time-consuming!
Susan_Warner Um, that would be me.
Wanita_Niehaus Re: top challenges. Keeping a diverse employee base engaged and informed is a huge challenge especially when the work groups are geographically separated. While in person is effective it also isn't practical for day-to-day communications. Having a searchable intranet with loads of FAQs and daily updates allows for a robust information base for employees to tap.

The Economy’s Effect on Internal Communications

Anthony_Surratt For all the panelists: I’m curious how – if at all – your employee communications have changed as a direct result of the weak economy over the past year or so. Have you learned any valuable lessons as a result?
Joe_R. Monique, What types of videos are provided for employees?
Monique_Peyser A plan for monthly 5 minute video segments is in the works that allow top executives to update employees on the latest happenings in their areas
Christine_McCafferty I would say that there is more rumors then in a better economy that we may have to dispel but overall we're business as usual
Monique_Peyser We've scaled back on our printed communications, and specifically asked employees if print is of value or they prefer more green methods
Wanita_Niehaus Sure, we are extra sensitive to the overall economic environment. we focus on positive business stories w/in the company to counteract the endless media doom-and-gloom stories.
Susan_Warner Anthony, If anything, I think we are more in touch. At this time, I think it's really important to tell the employee stories -- and tell the stories that make Time Warner Cable a great company.

Social Media, Web 2.0 and Internal Communications

Steve_Jones Are any of the panelists employing any Web 2.0 utilities for internal communications? Twitter, Facebook, Flickr
Christine_McCafferty We have not used Twitter, FB or Flickr for internal communications thus far. We have used internal blogs
Michelle_Butler Christine, for the internal blogs, is moderation an issue? Do you read all the comments like Susan Warner does?
Susan_Warner Steve, we have blogs, polls, discussion boards and articles that employees can rate and post comments. We don't have internal Facebook yet, but we're working on that type of functionality.
Wanita_Niehaus I'm on a mission to get others to use flickr, especially the photo pool options but overall we aren't using facebook or twitter in an internal focused way.
Christine_McCafferty Myself and a few others receive an alert via email that there is a posting which tells me to check out the blog.
Michelle_Butler Monique, have a lot of employees requested green communication forms?
Monique_Peyser It seems to be a growing request, although there are still those employees who want the feel of that printed piece in their hands
Michelle_Butler Christine, is there any written policy about what can be posted and what cannot? Susan?
Christine_McCafferty Yes, we do have a policy posted and remind the employees that their names can be seen
Susan_Warner Yes, we worked with legal and HR and posted online guidelines on our intranet as well as a bulleted section on the home page (if they need a refresher course).
Wanita_Niehaus We have an Internal Green team and while we've moved to recycled paper, too many employees prefer the printed pieces.
Monique_Peyser We too have moved to recycled paper and that has resonated well with employees.
Michelle_Butler In last month's webinar about internal communications at ESPN, the presenters mentioned that the community polices itself. If a member breaks the policy, others will point it out and chastise them. Is there anything like this happening on your internal blogs, chats, etc.?
Susan_Warner On the topic of newsletters, we still find that this is a communication vehicle that reaches all employees, including those that are not online on a daily basis.
Christine_McCafferty Michelle, we have not encountered that issue. As I mentioned, their names are visible and hopefully keeps people in line
Susan_Warner It's really wild to see but yes, the forums do police themselves. But we still monitor so legal doesn't have our heads.

Newsletters and Partnering with Other Departments

Michelle_Butler So, are newsletters still one of the most effective tactics for internal communications? How long are your newsletters?
Monique_Peyser While we're awaiting the results of our most recent employee survey, I have to agree with Susan that printed newsletters still most effectively reach employees. We're looking into mailing them to employee's homes budget permitting.
Christine_McCafferty Our newsletter is weekly and does generate feedback and I know it's being read. I try to keep it between 4-5 pages so that it is not too overwhelming/time-consuming to read
Michelle_Butler Wanita, do you have web 2.0 functionality built into your intranet?
Wanita_Niehaus We do have some intranet social abilities: we use sharepoint and every employee is given a "mySite", like their own internal facebook page. It allows photos, as well as an org tree and the flexibility to post your project of the moment, ask for ideas and even show family photos. It's fully searchable so key words help you find the exact person or group you are trying to reach.
Susan_Warner At TWC, we produce 6 newsletters a year, 8 pages long, tabloid size. The newsletter gives us an opportunity to delve in deeper with best practices, product launches and employee stories.
Michelle_Butler Wanita, "mySite" sounds so innovative! Do you like working with sharepoint?
Michelle_Butler Susan mentioned working with the legal department. Are there other departments you work closely with regarding internal communications?
Christine_McCafferty We work fairly closely with HR
Susan_Warner I'm joined at the hip with IT and HR. I also work very closely with Marketing, New Products, Customer Care, our Regions/Divisions and of course, Legal.
Wanita_Niehaus I love working in sharepoint, it's flexible and offers a lot of controls so I can group employees into lists that manage who sees what. Anyone can know my title and project status ... but a select few can see the outtakes from video project.
Monique_Peyser We partner with all departments to ensure the information and resources they want to make available to employees is presented via our internal channels....Intranet, enews, eblasts etc.
Steve_Jones Has anyone on the panel given a "YouTube" like application a try to distribute new product information or an announcement or related type of use?
Christine_McCafferty Steve, we have produced our own video messages and post it to an internal server and send out the link to employees

Best Results from Internal Communications

Michelle_Butler What are the best results or successes you’ve achieved through internal communications campaigns?
Susan_Warner Michelle, As a newly independent company, we recently launched TWC’s Mission and Values with town hall meetings, webcasts, a special edition newsletter, posters, wallet cards and more. We’re finding that our employees are really engaged in this topic and have launched several discussion streams on our intranet forum. Later this month, we’re going to extend the Mission and Values program by adding a peer to peer recognition site on our intranet where employees can write about other employees who are living our values.
Monique_Peyser Our best campaign occurred when a local Retransmission agreement was up for renewal and the threat of losing the programming existed, we were able to alert all employees of the possible loss while providing a full explanation of the company’s position and reasoning as well as an education on retransmitting local broadcast signals. All employees were well informed ahead of time (even if not in affected area) of the situation as well as the resolution.
Len_Grace Do you not think that paper communications is going away, like magazines, and newspapers?
Christine_McCafferty Len, I do think paper communication had declined but is still used today in some areas. It is likely that is will eventually evolve to all online communication.

The Use of Incentives in Internal Communications

Michelle_Butler The peer-to-peer recognition site sounds exciting, Susan. I hope it is a success!
Susan_Warner Len, not at this point because it's still important to reach employees who are not online on a daily basis and that number is large within TWC. But maybe someday.
Wanita_Niehaus we tend to get more participation when managers at all levels reference communications. If a mid-level manager references the daily e-blast or a newsletter then direct reports see that staying informed is valued. We get much greater response. That and quizzes with prizes ...
Michelle_Butler What kind of prizes?
Christine_McCafferty quizzes/prizes is also a good way to measure readership
Wanita_Niehaus Prizes don't have to be much, usually leftover premiums like hats, coffee mugs, or something a small as a pair of movie tickets. Almost any prize will do
Michelle_Butler It sounds like you are engaging employees through your internal communications efforts. Are you seeing any of the desired changes in behavior or reaction to calls to action?
Susan_Warner Michelle, we think our peer to peer program is going to be a hit. I think any time an employee can acknowledge another employee; it's going to be a success. We'll keep you posted.
Wanita_Niehaus Good point, when do a quiz and offer a prize people respond and use their real names
Len_Grace I think prizes are great for morale, and steer employees where you want them to go, while getting the information they need.
Michelle_Butler What other incentives have been effective beside prizes?
Christine_McCafferty Our employees are motivated and generally respond to our asks. It is always helpful to put an Exec behind the ask
Susan_Warner We think our employees are really engaged with the new two-way dialogue capability on our intranet. And the facts are showing it. We had 1.5 million page views in May and 1.7 million page views in July. For unique visitors, we had 35,391 in May and 41,595 in July. I think we’re on the right track.
Wanita_Niehaus Recognition is a huge incentive for some employees. We feature a pair of employees in every issue of our newsletter. But also we have our Presidents write personal notes of recognition. and that's free
Michelle_Butler Those are great stats, Susan!
Susan_Warner Len, here at TWC, we love to give away prizes. It's our favorite thing to do. And employees love it.
Christine_McCafferty We've instituted several employee recognition programs for various levels and they have helped keep employees engaged. They've been profiled in our internal communication tools and tactics and we frequently receive feedback on those pieces
Michelle_Butler Is it challenging to get the senior execs to write those notes?
Christine_McCafferty Our current Management does make internal communication a priority but that’s not always the case. I have found that if you write the copy in advance for their approval and then present the ideas to them with the heavy lifting already done; it’s easier to get their approval.
mcummings If you are writing the responses, how does that support the trend of "transparency?"
Christine_McCafferty Because they are so busy, this can take some time
Wanita_Niehaus Not at all, execs love to reach out ... and most have a memory of getting a personal note of recognition earlier in their careers so they like to give back.
Monique_Peyser A big part of what I do is craft the draft for execs which makes it easier for them to make edits and lessens the challenge for their schedules
Len_Grace Does every communication from individual employees get a response?
Wanita_Niehaus Yes, we respond to every employee
Monique_Peyser Absolutely, I think that's important so they feel there is someone else on the other side
Christine_McCafferty Len, we try to make sure that everyone receives a response
Susan_Warner Len, our employees frequently email our Chairman and he takes great pride in responding to them.
Len_Grace Wow! That is terrific!

Other Challenges in Internal Communications

Michelle_Butler What are the biggest challenges inherent in your internal communications campaigns?
Michelle_Butler I know that's a follow-up to Bryan's earlier question.
Christine_McCafferty Our large employee base and geographic region make it a challenge for a more personal interaction that our employees, and executives, would like. We try to overcome this with the monthly broadcasts and a key component as to why we do them live is to, hopefully, give the feeling that our Senior Executives are talking directly with them and make it as personable as we can.
Len_Grace Are the monthly broadcasts interactive?
Christine_McCafferty The monthly broadcasts may feature a guest but there is no call in aspect. We try to generate two way conversation by providing Supervisors and Managers with talking points to have a discussion following the broadcast
Susan_Warner The biggest challenges for us at TWC corporate are to educate, inform and engage 47,000 employees from Maine to Hawaii. That's why two-way dialogue is really helping us connect with each other and reinforce our company culture.
Christine_McCafferty We encourage group viewing of the broadcast so our hope is that employees are watching with the Sup/Mgr
Michelle_Butler You've mentioned how important it is to get support or buy-in from senior management and that they'll write personal notes to employees. Is it ever challenging to get this buy-in or support?
Wanita_Niehaus Challenges: ideally everyone would open all of our communications, but some employees overrun with emails while others are barely at a computer so getting everyone to focus is a challenge
Michelle_Butler Susan, do you work closely with regional or division offices on your internal communications campaigns?
Christine_McCafferty Michelle, it is not as much of a challenge when we provide them with the copy that they can modify or put their own personal touch on it. It requires more follow up without providing them with some sort of draft
Monique_Peyser Though not on the same scale as Susan, our Carolina territory is quite expansive and is a challenge to provide regional information while remaining sensitive to the differences between 2 states as well as the local office anomalies.
Susan_Warner Michelle, the best part of my job is being in touch with our division/region people. They keep me informed about what is happening on the ground level and letting me know all the fantastic stories that are out there.
Len_Grace What are the HR ramifications in communicating with employees at home, through the internet/intranet? Is this a venue that’s been considered with many employees not having access to e-mail at work?
Wanita_Niehaus Most senior execs find personal notes easy enough: typically we provide the list of people who may appreciate a personal note, we block out a little time (30 mins every couple of weeks) and they just knock them out. For traveling execs, this is something to do for a few mins. on the plane and it motivates key employees.
Monique_Peyser We just surveyed employees about the value of accessing the Intranet from home. Many of our employees have access via FOBs, but we're trying to gauge the use.
Michelle_Butler Monique, what are FOBs?
Christine_McCafferty Len, we have had that discussion and there is an HR issue with requiring people to watch/read something on their own time. All of our tactics are executed during work hours but can be viewed/read on their time if they choose. Our broadcasts run on a loop continually throughout the day and employees can access our intranet via home computer if they choose
Monique_Peyser It's a small security access device
Michelle_Butler Like a key fob?
mcummings When employees access these materials at home, does your HR dept have challenges b/c they should be paid for that time?
Wanita_Niehaus We've been using VPN with our intranet with some success. right now we are testing opt-in messaging w/mobile ... most of our employees have texting so we're giving that a try.
Christine_McCafferty Not if they access it by their own choice. Only if we had required them to access on their own time, which we don't
Michelle_Butler Wanita mentioned that it is sometimes challenging getting employees to open communications. Do any of you have tips for crafting emails that "cut through the clutter"?
Michelle_Butler There are about 15 minutes left to this online chat. Please feel free to ask any remaining questions!
Susan_Warner On email clutter -- we send out a weekly e-blast to all 47,000 employees to let them know what's new on the company intranet. After we send out the blast, we watch the site analytics go through the roof because everyone hits the url address at the same time. It's my fun Friday activity.
Christine_McCafferty RE: email clutter. We purposely try to be strategic on what and how many emails we send out. We have a designated email alias for Employee Comm and want people to convey if they receive an email from that alias, it is pertinent information
Michelle_Butler In your internal blogs, do any of your employees ever request that their names not be posted?
Susan_Warner On our intranet, employee names are posted. They don't have a choice and we think it's been really positive. One, we found out they are not shy, even on controversial topics and two, they actually love having their name posted on the site. The next evolution is to add personal avatars. Should get interesting.
Wanita_Niehaus We give people the option to be anonymous during company chats w/execs
Michelle_Butler Wow, Wanita. Do a lot of folks choose to be anonymous?
Wanita_Niehaus Some of our people do choose it, especially if they want personnel info addressed
Wanita_Niehaus Susan, what percentage of engagement do you get with the 47,000 employees? more than half?
Susan_Warner For the month of July we have nearly 42,000 unique users (out 47,000 users). And the site has only been active for 4 months. So I think it's going well.
Len_Grace Do you have certain employees who seem to dominate the communication feedback?
Christine_McCafferty Len, yes, we have found that there are certain employees who are more vocal then others
Susan_Warner Len, I've heard the statistics that say 1 percent of users are extremely active, 9 percent are active and 90 percent are passive readers. I'd have to do some fact checking to see if we fall in line with those numbers. But we definitely have a cast of characters, um regulars, that show up on our discussion boards.
Wanita_Niehaus re feedback; I like to say we have some employees who just come really prepared and they do throw out plenty of questions.
Monique_Peyser We do have certain employees that respond to everything...the good thing is, they offer great feedback.
Susan_Warner And I'd add that the ones that respond the most often have a lot of valuable information.
Len_Grace Maybe these vocal employees are getting questions answered that the majority are too shy to ask!
Wanita_Niehaus That's what I like to think
Christine_McCafferty That's very likely!
Monique_Peyser I think that's a big part of it...the challenge is getting the shy ones to speak out.

Upcoming Changes and Goals in Internal Communications

Michelle_Butler In the next year or so, what would you like to see in the field of internal communications? Any big goals or changes?
Wanita_Niehaus I say bring on the avatars!
Christine_McCafferty I agree!
Monique_Peyser I'd like to see our region take more advantage of social media.
Wanita_Niehaus Really more roots-up communication is the goal and to have the messages being reinforced by peers
Christine_McCafferty The most important thing is that our employees are informed and I think, agreeing with Monique, that social media is an ideal way to accomplish that
Michelle_Butler Monique, or anyone, are there arguments against the use of social media that you have to confront often?
Susan_Warner Less push-down communication -- more two way dialogue.
Michelle_Butler There are 5 more minutes! Again, please feel free to ask your last, remaining questions.
Christine_McCafferty Michelle, there are certainly challenges with it and we'd have to make sure that it stays internal for proprietary information and that there are no issues, such as Len's question, regarding employees accessing outside or work. In addition, concern regarding accessing at work and not being as productive
Wanita_Niehaus Letting go of the controls is still a bit of a challenge with some execs, the organic nature of social media just means that everyone has to get more comfortable with that level of control, or lack thereof
Len_Grace How do companies feel about employees who join and participate in networks like LinkedIn?
Wanita_Niehaus LinkedIn is a great tool, and employees have been responsible users of that forum
Michelle_Butler Any last thoughts?
Christine_McCafferty Thanks, Michelle, for organizing. And best of luck to everyone on their internal communication efforts!
Susan_Warner Thanks Michelle for organizing this chat. I had a lot of fun.
Monique_Peyser This has been some great sharing. I've enjoyed the experience. Thanks ACC!
Len_Grace Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your discussion!
Wanita_Niehaus Great questions! Thank you everyone ::biggrin !
Wanita_Niehaus Really more roots-up communication is the goal and to have the messages being reinforced by peers
Michelle_Butler Thank you for participating in ACC’s latest online chat!

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