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2013 Beacon Award® Finalists Summaries
Below are links to two-page summaries for many of the 2013 Beacon Award Finalists. The summaries detail successful cable communications and public affairs campaigns and are good models to use when preparing your own initiative or a future Beacon Award entry.

The summary links are listed under the category in which the entry was a finalist. The Finalists that were Beacon Award Winners have the Beacon Award icon next to their link.

Cause Marketing

Cause Marketing - Cable Network 2


Community Relations

Community Relations - Cable System 1


Community Relations - Cable System 3


Community Relations - Cable System 4


Community Relations - MSO Headquarters

Community Relations - Cable Network 2



Education - Cable Network 1

Education - Cable Network 2


Events and Observances

Events and Observances - Cable System 1

Events and Observances - Cable System 3

Events and Observances - Cable System 4

Events and Observances - MSO Headquarters

Events and Observances - Cable Network 2


Government Relations

Government Relations - Cable System 3


Integrated Communications

Integrated Communications - Cable System 3

Integrated Communications - Cable System 4

Integrated Communications - Cable Network 2

"The Face" (pdf)


Internal Communications

Internal Communications - Cable System 3

Internal Communications - Cable System 4

Internal Communications - MSO Headquarters


Media Relations - Programming Publicity

Media Relations - Programming Publicity - Cable Network 2


Media Relations - Technology/Product

Media Relations - Technology/Product - Cable System 4

Media Relations - Technology/Product - MSO Headquarters


Multicultural Public Relations

Multicultural Public Relations - Cable System 4

Multicultural Public Relations - Cable Network 1


Programming - Cable Network 2


Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement - Cable Network 2


Reputation/Brand Management

Reputation/Brand Management - Cable Systems 1

Reputation/Brand Management - Cable Systems 3

Reputation/Brand Management - Cable Systems 4

Reputation/Brand Management - Cable Network 2


Social Media Communications

Social Media Communications - Cable System 4

Social Media Communications - Cable System 2


Web sites

Web sites - MSO Headquarters

Web sites - Cable Network 2


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