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  Comcast Employees Give and Support the United Way

Ever since Ralph Roberts founded Comcast in 1963, the company and its employees have supported the United Way and its member charities. From its gleaming 58-story headquarters building in downtown Philadelphia and throughout the country at every local cable system, Comcast is encouraging employees company-wide to pledge donations to the United Way.

This year’s annual campaign, running from October 15 to 26 will see Comcast employees donate millions of dollars to support hundreds of United Way affiliates. Since 2003 Comcast employees have made tens of thousands of pledges, raising approximately $33 million that was then matched by the Comcast Foundation with another $11 million for a total of over $44 million flowing to United Way community agencies. Comcast itself is annually ranked among the top 50 United Way corporate partners. In fact, in 2011 more than 50 percent of Comcast employees made pledges, setting a new company record for participating and dollars pledged.

To encourage giving, Comcast utilizes a number of employee engagement strategies. In addition to the standard pledge sheets circulated to employees, units within the company create various incentives for participation. These incentives may include raffles and small gifts and can escalate up to supervisors receiving a pie in-the-face or sitting in a dunk tank.

Some of the most compelling communications strategies employ the use of social media. Employees tweet, write Facebook updates and share videos about how they have personally benefited during an emergency from a United Way agency. These stories include how Comcast employees were provided aid and support by United Way affiliates after a devastating fire destroyed a home, dealing with multiple simultaneous family medical emergencies and providing assistance for a life sustaining tissue transplant.

For Comcast Corporation and the employees that make up the Comcast family, pledging funds to United Way agencies is just another way that the company supports the communities where they live and work. For additional information on the Comcast United Way campaign, contact Marcia Gelbart at 215-286-8127 or

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C-SPAN Launches 2013 StudentCam, National Documentary Contest

C-SPAN recently launched its ninth national documentary contest called 2013 StudentCam. The competition invites all middle school students (grades 6-8) and high school students to produce a five-to-eight minute video documentary using C-SPAN programming. In conjunction with the upcoming presidential election, the current contest will ask students to create a video focusing on “A message to the President: What’s the most important issue the president should consider in 2013.” It is designed to encourage students to contemplate serious issues that affect local communities and the country.

“StudentCam gives young people the chance to share their opinions with C-SPAN’s national viewing audience, says C-SPAN vice president of education relations, Joanne Wheeler. “This year’s theme allows student to explore a topic they feel is most important for the president to address and to consider possible solutions.”

Basic guidelines outline that all entries must represent various points of view and include C-SPAN video that supports the documentary’s topic. Students may submit their individual videos or projects produced by up to three group members. The student documentaries must be their original work, although teachers may provide guidance and critiques. The deadline for submissions is January 18, 2003. Entry forms and accompanying videos may be uploaded online at

Winners will be announced in March 2013 with the top 27 videos airing on C-SPAN in April 2013. The Grand Prize winner, with the best overall entry, will be awarded $5,000 with other awards ranging from $250 to $3,000 to students in both middle and high school categories. Entry forms and competition details are available at the Web site,

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  KC STEM Alliance and Time Warner Cable kick off the Kansas City STEM Season

On October 18 in Kansas City’s Union Station, Time Warner Cable and the KC STEM Alliance partnered to kick off the 2012-2013 KC area K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education season by hosting STEM UP Kansas City!

STEM UP Kansas City! also kicked off Time Warner Cable’s annual sponsorship of local FIRST LEGO League (FLL) and FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) teams and events. Getting children excited about and involved in STEM activities is the focus of Time Warner Cable’s Connect a Million Minds corporate initiative and this is the fourth consecutive year that Time Warner Cable is a major sponsor of local FLL and FRC programs.

Thursday’s event featured local and national speakers including Kansas City, Mo. Mayor Pro Tem Cindy Circo and former Kansas City Chief and the current regional vice president of PLTWKC William White. Representatives of the Girl Scouts and Boys and Girls Clubs also took part in the event at Union Station.

This free event, open to the Kansas City business community, educators and non-profits, allowed local STEM students to showcase their engineering, biomedical, science and math projects in addition to a robotics exhibition and tournament demonstration. It also served as a volunteer rally for new recruits throughout the Greater Kansas City area to connect with the local STEM community. For additional information contact Dave Borchardt with Time Warner Cable at 816-799-5918 or

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National Geographic Channel teams with The Partnership at

National Geographic Channel’s (NGC) series “Drugs, Inc.” and The Partnership at have joined together to raise awareness about the nation’s drug epidemic, educate Americans and ultimately save lives by helping to eliminate drug use. Drug addiction can be found in both small towns and big cities and does not respect any boundaries with regard to race, age or class.

As part of the collaboration, NGC will air The Partnership at’s latest Medicine Abuse Project PSA’s during the 10-episode season; include blog posts and banner ads on; and promote The Medicine Abuse Project within NGC’s e-newsletter. The Partnership at will also run “Drugs, Inc.” tune-in posts on its Facebook page during the course of the series.

“The Partnership at is the perfect organization to partner with NGC’s “Drug, Inc.”” said Courteney Monroe, chief marketing officer, National Geographic Channel. “We take viewers into the drug world through intimate, firsthand, street-level testimonies of today’s drug players to shed light and hopefully help people with drug addiction problems, a widespread issue in our society.”

The Medicine Abuse Project is a unifying campaign that brings together families, communities, industry, health care professionals, educators, law enforcement and government officials to curb teen medicine abuse and save lives. By working together, The Medicine Abuse Project aims to prevent half a million teens from abusing medicine within five years.

The Partnership at is dedicated to solving the problem of teen substance abuse. Together with experts in science, parenting and communications, the nonprofit translates research on teen behavior, addiction and treatment into useful and effective resources for both individuals and communities. It works with parents and other influencers to help them prevent and get help for drug and alcohol abuse by teens and young adults. For additional information contact Rajul Mistry at 202-912-6794 or

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  October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Individuals, organizations, and communities throughout the United States are promoting National Cyber Security Awareness Month to let others know that everyone has a role in protecting our digital lives. Many groups across the country, including the cable telecommunications industry, are doing their part to promote National Cyber Security Awareness Month by posting safety and security tips on social networks, educating their customers and employees, providing security tips and holding events.

Recently, Rob Stoddard, senior vice president, communications & public affairs, National Cable & Telecommunications Association, wrote a blog posting on cabletechtalk ( outlining the urgent need for secure data solutions at all levels of government, in public and private networks and even within private homes. He noted that the “cloud” is the equivalent to the personal file cabinets of yesterday and that cybersecurity has never been more important. The overriding objective of National Cyber Security Awareness Month is to raise the awareness of the challenges and potential solutions of cybersecurity.

From personal computers, smartphones, tablets, and e-book readers, to working, shopping, and social networking, virtually every aspect of modern life touches the digital world. Even when not directly connected to the Internet, this vast worldwide connection of computers, data, and websites supports everyday functions via financial transactions, transportation systems, healthcare records, emergency response systems, personal communications, and more.

No individual, business, or government entity is solely responsible for securing the Internet. Everyone has a role in securing their part of cyberspace, including the devices and networks they use. Individual actions have a collective impact, when the Internet is used safely it is more secure for everyone. If everyone does their part by implementing stronger security practices, raising community awareness, educating young people, and training employees, networks will be more resilient and this will help create a safer digital society. For more information on National Cyber Security Awareness Month go to

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  ACC Offers Free Trial Membership until December 31

Now is the best time to encourage your peers to join ACC! The association has a “test drive” trial membership initiative that allows prospective members to participate in the association’s various programs and professional development activities on a trial basis for six months free and without further obligation. This offer is only available until December 31.

With the “test drive” membership, prospective members can join the organization without paying any up-front fees, and experience all the benefits ACC has to offer, including a comprehensive Web site, online chats, webinars and ACC Briefs on key topics of interest for six months. To continue benefits and access to ACC programs after the trial period ends, new members simply pay half of the first year’s dues, or $100 to complete the year. The “test drive” program has been expanded and now runs through December 31, 2012. For more information, check out the registration form online or contact Michelle Butler at or 202-222-2372.

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  Thank You, Corporate Members!

For more information on how your organization can join ACC as a 2013 corporate member, please contact Steve Jones at or 202-222-2373. For membership details, go to

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