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Time Warner Cable Partners to Provide Technology to Latino Communities in Need

Time Warner Cable (TWC) and the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) have partnered to expand broadband Internet technology training to underserved Latino communities throughout the United States. The three-year $200,000 grant by TWC will support technology centers that provide training, technology and support services in Latino communities served by the company. Under the agreement, the centers will receive technology benefits such as a broad array of equipment including desktop computers, laser printers, high speed Internet access, LCD projectors and technology curriculums.


The centers were selected by a national grant competition based on each site's competitive progress, its level of need to better serve the local community and its innovative application of technology. Locations in San Antonio, Texas; Kansas City, Mo.; Waukesha, Wis.; Charlotte, N.C.; and Cincinnati, Ohio, will become a part of LULAC's Empower Hispanic America with Technology Network, which currently provides broadband access free of charge to 100,000 visitors annually.


The LULAC community technology centers provide access to and instruction on modern computer technology in addition to assistance with resumes, college application preparation, GED preparation, financial aid research, and online citizenship and job-search programs. Program participants use high speed Internet access, computer equipment and basic office applications software to develop job skills, research career options, educational opportunities, and access money management, English language, and online citizenship curriculum. Clients served are low-income and/or first-generation American Hispanic youth and adults, the majority of whom have never used a personal computer and do not have one at home. Empower Hispanic America with Technology is aimed directly at closing the digital divide and combating these inequities by giving Hispanics the necessary skills to compete in today's technology-driven workplaces. For more information, visit LULAC’s Web site.

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Mark Your Calendars for “SEO Master Tactics: How to Leverage Social Media to Stand Out--an ACC Webinar”


Social media can be used to build your brand, connect with your customers and get your message out effectively. But, it can also be used to boost your presence in online search results through search engine optimization (SEO). You’ll learn the basics of SEO and how to apply them to the world of social media during ACC’s next webinar, “SEO Master Tactics: How to Leverage Social Media to Stand Out,” August 10, 2 pm to 3pm EDT.


The webinar will teach you how to break through the clutter of the Internet by using keywords, tagging and titling in the most efficient way. You’ll also get tips on leveraging new platforms and measuring the results of your efforts.


ACC has lined up two expert moderators who have honed these tactics to impact the Web presence of NCTA. Paul Rodriguez, NCTA’s director of online content and Lisa Hamilton, web coordinator, Industry Affairs, will draw from their experiences with the association to direct you through the world of SEO. Rodriguez guides NCTA’s social media outreach and manages the association’s Cable Tech Talk blog. Hamilton runs social media marketing for NCTA’s The Cable Show conference and also handles The Cable Show’s various online properties.


How ACC Members Can Participate:

Only ACC members may attend this webinar, and it is free of charge as a benefit of ACC membership. ACC members can register for this free webinar via the association’s
online education portal in the members-only section of this Web site by clicking on the link to live webinars and self-paced programs.

You must be logged into the members-only area to access this portal, and you can log in through the member log in box in the left-hand corner of this screen.  Your username is your work email address, and the password is your last name all in lowercase letters. For more information visit,

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New Take on Trends in Social Media


Social media is constantly creating new ways to meet communications goals. In fact, keeping on top of the online world has become an important part of a communicator’s job. In ACC’s July 13th online chat, “The Latest Trends in Social Media for Cable Communicators,” industry experts explored the ways social media is changing communications and how they’ve employed these advancements in their day-to-day work. Covering topics from social media monitoring to internal communications, the chat explored ways cable communicators can use social media, including:


Engaging Employees through Social Media


“If we’re honest internal communicators we would have to admit that we are competing with social media for the attention of employees. With that in mind we had to begin to offer social media type experiences to keep employees engaged,” Steve Barringer, director of employee communications for Cox Communications said. “Internally, it would be tough to use the Facebooks and YouTubes of the world. So we really just started using social media principles. We leverage things found outside the firewall like allowing users the ability to comment on articles, videos and video stories, discussions and more.”


Cox Communications built their own social media capabilities internally—allowing employees to interact in ways they were already accustomed to due to their own personal social networking activity. According to Barringer, the company hosts a weekly online discussion for employees and enables comments on any posted video or article. They are able to measure whether employees are connecting with the information by tracking the amount of reads each piece has received and by monitoring feedback provided through comment sections.


“It’s truly revolutionized what we do internally and has inspired us to learn new skills that we may not have pursued before; things like video editing, moderating discussions and more,” Barringer said.


Engaging the Media


Nearly a quarter of the time Americans spend online is occupied by social networking, a recently released Nielsen study reports. Reporters and other media figures are parts of that figure and reaching them where they spend a large portion of their time can be a useful way of connecting. “We're at a point where there are some reporters who know they can find us on Twitter and ask questions and conversely we've been able to update reporters and/or news stations by sending messages directly to them on Twitter,” Melissa Sorola, communications director for Time Warner Cable Texas Region, said.


Social media can be an efficient way to reach media in crisis communications situations and developing circumstances—when information is constantly being updated or a quick status notification is important. “It’s proven to be an effective way to engage with media and the community during a rapidly changing situation - like a service outage - or a fast moving event rdquo; Gary Underwood, vice president of communications for Time Warner Cable Texas Region, said. Leading up to a recent event with the NBA, Underwood’s team promoted their Twitter handles, urging community and media to follow them in order to get the latest news on the event. The team tweeted continuously updated news in real time during the event, resulting in 2,700 Twitpic views of posted pictures and more than 360,000 social media impressions during the week-long event.


Traditional approaches toward relationships with the media should still dictate your social media interaction, however. “Reporters are able to get up-to-the-minute news on their area of focus without much digging - it's all sent directly to them. But while there might be less time explaining things to them, I think there's a greater potential for them to mess up the facts,” Eric Wagner, public relations manager for Cox Communications, cautioned.



Reaching Your Target Audience


The most common and broad use of social media has been to reach the public. Tailoring your efforts to target specific audiences and utilize the unique strengths of different social media can save you the complications of managing multiple presences and platforms.


Justin Davy, manager of social media marketing for Scripps Networks, concentrates on Facebook groups and Twitter for his projects—allowing his team to connect with the large audience for specific shows in one place. “On Facebook and Twitter it allowed us to have one-on-one communication which could only be achieved previously by a person calling our customer service line,” Davy explained. Scripps involves network talent to engage the audience online in personalized ways such as live chats with producers and personalities during shows.


“We focus most of our efforts on Facebook and Twitter because that’s where the bulk of our particular audiences spend most of their time,” Davy said. “It also comes down to a manpower issue and being able to maintain a presence on various platforms.”


For Time Warner Cable’s Connect a Million Minds (CAMM) initiative, Tara DeGeorges, online content manager for the operator, utilized social media to reach her target audience and expand functionality without stretching her available manpower. “Social media was a natural fit for Connect a Million Minds. When we launched the CAMM Web site last year, we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel by launching our own community functionality, since our target audience of parents and students were already active in pre-existing social spaces like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter,” DeGeorges said. “By inserting our philanthropic brand into social media outlets that were already popular, we were able to quickly build awareness.”


For more tips, read the complete transcript in the Online Education Portal of the ACC Web site. You must be logged into the members-only area to access this portal. The member log in box can be found in the left-hand corner of the homepage screen.  Your username is your work email address, and the password is your last name all in lowercase letters. For more information visit,

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Nominations Wanted for ACC Board of Directors


Help guide the Association of Cable Communicators via a leadership position on the Board of Directors.  ACC is seeking nominations for members in good standing to join the Board.  If you are interested in being elected or appointed, or know of a person who should be considered for a position on the Board, please contact Steve Jones at 202-222-2373 or For a listing of current Board members, please go to Nominations must be received by Friday, August 20, 2010.

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C-SPAN2’s Book TV Receives Phillis Wheatley Award


C-SPAN2’s weekend program, Book TV, has been honored with the Phillis Wheatley Award by the Harlem Book Fair. The award is presented annually and recognizes literary work and advocacy that goes beyond race, culture, and boundaries. This is the first year the award has been presented to an organization rather than an individual. Past recipients include Maya Angelou and Walter Mosely.


The network has broadcast live coverage of the Harlem Book Fair for eight years and has made over nine hours of recordings from this year’s sessions at the New York Public Library’s Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture available to the public in C-SPAN’s online video archives. The Harlem Book Festival celebrates African American literary history and culture and encourages readers to explore the diverse community through books. It is considered one of the largest gatherings of African American literature devotees in the country and has hosted speakers such as Toni Morrison and Sonia Sanchez. For more information, visit the Harlem Book Festival’s Web site.

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FORUM 2010: Competition Everywhere!


How do you want to sharpen your professional skills? Want to strengthen operator and programmer relations? Learn the best ways to measure and present the value of your campaigns? Connect well with your employees? FORUM 2010: Competition Everywhere has tailored this year’s sessions to your needs as a cable communicator in a rapidly changing field. During the two-day conference, September 15 and 16 in New York City, industry experts will provide you with the information you need to understand cable’s place in the national and local economy as well as how to best communicate in an increasingly competitive and technologically evolving world.


This year’s sessions include:


  • The Big Picture - A View and Review of Cable: Craig E. Moffett, senior analyst for Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., explores how cable stacks up to its competitors in an interview with Liz Claman, Fox Business News anchor.
  • Operator/Programmer Strategic Partnerships -- The New "L" Word: Hear from a panel of operator and programmer experts as they share their experiences partnering for local initiatives.
  • How PR, Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility Can Really Pay Back Big!: Learn how cable systems, programmers and others are measuring their PR and communications efforts, using them to develop new business opportunities and being good corporate neighbors! 
  • Hot New Technologies Every Communicator Needs To Know and Use: This special show-and-tell presentation gives you a peek at the latest tech and explains how they can help you work more efficiently, be more effective and advance your career.
  • Washington Update: Multichannel News’ Editor-in-Chief Mark Robichaux interviews Kyle McSlarrow, president & CEO, National Cable & Telecommunications Association, on the state of the industry.
  • Doing More with Less in PR: Best Practices & Case Studies When Budgets Get Squeezed: Presentations and Q&A sessions with communications professionals who have continued to create successful campaigns under reduced budgets.
  • Communicating with Our Most Important Stakeholders -- Our Employees: Discover how to prepare and motivate your employees to communicate your companies' messages in today's ever-changing, competitive environment. 


Register now to participate in ACC’s premiere professional development event and join your colleagues for educational and networking opportunities to further your career. Make sure to save the date for the 2010 Beacon Awards Ceremony, closing FORUM on September 16. Registration starts at $900 and Beacon Awards Ceremony-only tickets are $150.

ACC has also acquired a limited number of best-of-the-house tickets for the Wednesday evening, September 15, performance of "
Promises, Promises," the hit Broadway musical starring Sean Hayes ("Will & Grace") and Kristin Chenoweth ("Wicked," "Glee"). These front mezzanine seats normally go for close to $200, but ACC offers you the discounted rate of $100 per person. Tickets are limited. Contact Prasana William at or 202-222-2370 to reserve your spot.


All FORUM 2010 events and the Beacon Awards Ceremony take place in the Hilton New York. For more information or to register visit,

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Bresnan and BlueHighways TV Support Local Greenhouse


Bresnan Communications and BlueHighways TV celebrated the opening of the Colorado Farm to Table’s (CFTT) newest greenhouse in Salida, CO, this summer, a project they have aided and funded since 2007. The partners contributed to the initial funding for design and the building three years ago and have supported the project through completion.


The operator became aware of CFTT’s need for a new greenhouse through an employee who volunteered with the organization. In addition to their initial contribution, Bresnan has since provided transportation of produce grown at the greenhouse to local families in need. Bresnan co-hosted a celebratory dedication ceremony and ribbon cutting on the grounds of the new greenhouse in June.


CFTT is an inter-denominational, faith-based volunteer organization made up of individuals, businesses and organizations to provide people in need with fresh produce at no cost. The new greenhouse triples the organization’s productivity, with a growing capacity of nearly 30,000 plants. For more information, visit CFTT’s Web site.
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Cox Louisiana Supports Local Students With Technology Donation


Cox Louisiana will make a donation this fall of computers and Internet access to at-risk students in the Lafayette Parish school system and to the Acadiana Boys & Girls Clubs’ Jackie Club. The operator plans to establish a Cox Technology Center equipped with a computer lab, to aid in after-school tutoring at the Jackie Club and to provide at-home digital service for students.


With the help of the Lafayette Parish school system, Cox has identified 8th grade students for an incentive-based computer and Internet service program. Three hundred-fifty students, who live in homes without Internet access, will be targeted to receive free Internet access for one year. They will also be given a Dell netbook computer to access the Internet.


A rubric has been designed by the school system, and points will be awarded based on grades, behavior, school attendance, as well as GEARUP student and parent participation. Internet access will be installed free of charge, and netbooks will be disseminated after the first six weeks report cards have been distributed.


Cox also announced the donation of a computer lab for the Acadiana Boys & Girls Clubs’ Jackie Club, slated to be unveiled in early fall. Two years ago, Cox donated a lab to Lafayette’s Granberry Club, which serves more than 600 Acadiana youth. Cox already provides free Internet access to Boys & Girls Clubs in Acadiana and throughout the Cox footprint nationwide. For more information, visit Cox’s online press room at
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ACC Announces Beacon Awards Finalists


ACC has named the finalists for the 2010 Beacon Awards honoring excellence in cable communications and public affairs.  The winners will be announced during the Beacon Awards Luncheon and Ceremony on Thursday, September 16, 2010, at the Hilton New York, the concluding event of ACC's annual conference, FORUM 2010: Competition Everywhere.


"Across the country, cable communicators work every day to promote their companies' products and brands in ways that contribute to the bottom line and make a significant impact for their customers and communities," said Anthony Surratt, 2010 Beacon Awards chair and vice president, corporate communications, Time Warner Cable.  "The Beacon Awards recognize the best of this work, and the 2010 finalists display ingenuity, creativity and innovation in the face of increased competition and demand for resources."

Fifty-three cable communications and public affairs professionals, who are ACC members, chose the finalists during an extensive, two-phase judging process.  The finalists demonstrate the cable industry's commitment to communications and public affairs and represent initiatives implemented over the past year in areas such as community relations, competitive communications, multicultural public relations and social media communications.

The 2010 Beacon Awards Finalists listed by category are:

Cause Marketing

Jimmy V Week - ESPN - New York, NY

Competitive Communications


Apples to Apples - Bresnan Communications - Purchase, NY

Husker Football - DIRECTV Just Doesn't Get It! - Cox Communications - Omaha, NE

Community Relations

Connect a Million Minds - New York City - Time Warner Cable - New York, NY

Connect a Million Minds Texas Launch - Time Warner Cable/Central Texas - Austin, TX

Hunt Fish Feed - Sportsman Channel - New Berlin, WI

Suddenlink eCycling - Suddenlink Communications - Jonesboro, AR

This Ones For You: Kansas City Royals Telecast to Afghanistan - Fox Sports - Kansas City, MO

Time Warner Cable's Connect a Million Minds - Time Warner Cable - New York, NY




America The Story of Us Educational Outreach - A&E Television Networks/History - New York, NY

Connect a Million Minds Texas Launch - Time Warner Cable/Central Texas - Austin, TX

Connecting Students with Veterans - Time Warner Cable - San Diego, CA

Cracking the Codes in the Digital World - Time Warner Cable - New York, NY

Ovation Arts Education Toolkit - Ovation - Santa Monica, CA

TWC Hang Tough Video Contest - Time Warner Cable - Wisconsin Division - Milwaukee, WI

Events and Observances

CAMM Week - New York City - Time Warner Cable - New York, NY

Comcast Helps Vermont Students Get Cyber Safe - Comcast-Western New England Region - Berlin, CT

Fueling the Future - Cox Communications - Phoenix, AZ

Hockey Day Minnesota - Fox Sports Network North - Minneapolis, MN

Time Warner Cable's Connect a Million Minds - Time Warner Cable - New York, NY


Government Relations


Capital Dateline Goes Online - Florida Cable Telecommunications Association - Tallahassee, FL

HoopLA - The Legislative Basketball Game & Gala - Cox Louisiana - Baton Rouge, LA

Legislative Briefing - Comcast - Exton, PA

Suddenlink Community Connections Television - Suddenlink Communications - Jonesboro, AR

Take a Veteran to School Day - A&E Television Networks/History - New York, NY

Time Warner Cable My Gov't On Demand - Time Warner Cable - El Segundo, CA


Internal Communications


2010 Employee Survey - Cox Communications - Atlanta, GA

Let's Connect: Introducing Time Warner Cable's Mission & Values - Time Warner Cable - New York, NY

Let's Connect. TWC NEW/WPA e-Newsletter - Time Warner Cable Northeast Ohio - Akron, OH

Time Warner Cable UpDate - Time Warner Cable - San Diego, CA

Uniting through our Differences - Communicating and Committing to Diversity - Cox Communications - Springdale, AR

Integrated Communications

Handbook On Demand - Time Warner Cable Kansas City - Kansas City, MO

Huskers on Demand - Time Warner Cable - National - Lincoln, NE

Let's Connect: Introducing Time Warner Cable's Mission & Values - Time Warner Cable - New York, NY

Saints Text-to-Win Facebook Fanraiser - Cox Louisiana - Baton Rouge, LA

Techapalooza - Where Business and Technology Meet - Cox Communications - San Diego, CA


Multicultural Public Relations


Cox and here! Networks - Proud to Show Our PRIDE! - Cox Communications/Las Vegas System - Las Vegas, NV

The Hampton Roads Black List - Cox Communications - Chesapeake, VA


Media Relations - Programming Publicity


2nd Annual Expedition Week - National Geographic Channel - Washington, DC

Discovery Channel's LIFE Program Publicity Campaign - Discovery Communications - Silver Spring, MD

Monty Python: Almost the Truth (The Lawyer's Cut) - IFC - New York, NY

Vote with Your Remote On Demand Film Festival - Time Warner Cable - El Paso, TX


Media Relations - Technology/Product


C-SPAN Video Library - C-SPAN Networks - Washington, DC Rebrand to - ESPN, Inc. - New York, NY

Introduction of Optimum Select: Changing the Way TV Viewers Interact with Advertisers - Cablevision Systems Corp. - Bethpage, NY

Road Runner 4G Mobile - Time Warner Cable - San Antonio, TX




ESPN's "30 for 30" - ESPN - Bristol, CT

Footsteps of Lincoln - Comcast - Elmhurst, IL

TWC Sports Does NBA Jam Session - Time Warner Cable - Irving, TX


Public Service Announcement


A Thin Line - MTV Networks - New York, NY

Characters Unite PSA Campaign - USA Network - New York, NY

Hang Tough Video Contest - Time Warner Cable - Wisconsin Division - Milwaukee, WI

Healthy Kids Make Happy Kids - Comcast - Philadelphia, PA

Time Warner Cable's Connect a Million Minds PSA Launch Series - Time Warner Cable - New York, NY


Reputation/Brand Management


I Am Time Warner Cable Technology - Time Warner Cable, Metropolitan Los Angeles Division - El Segundo, CA

Midwest Region Telemarketing Ribbon Cutting - Time Warner Cable - Wisconsin Division - Milwaukee, WI

Remarkable Women - A&E Television Networks/ Lifetime Networks - Los Angeles, CA

The Nebraska Connection - Time Warner Cable - National - Lincoln, NE

The Recovery Project - A&E Television Networks/ History - New York, NY

Trust Begins with Me Campaign - Cox Communications New England - West Warwick, RI


Social Media Communications


A Thin Line - MTV Networks - New York, NY

Discovery Channel's LIFE Social Media Campaign - Discovery Communications - Silver Spring, MD

Expedition Week - National Geographic Channel - Washington, DC

Explorer: Inside Guantanamo - National Geographic Channel - Washington, DC

The Ultimate Internet Tier - Cox Communications New England - West Warwick, RI

Twitter, NBA & TWC Sports - Time Warner Cable - Irving, TX


Web sites


Channel You - Time Warner Cable - New York, NY

Time Warner Cable Southern California Newsroom - Time Warner Cable - El Segundo, CA

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Join and support ACC by becoming a 2010 corporate member. For more information on how your organization can join ACC as a corporate member, please contact Steve Jones at or 202-222-2373.  For membership details, go to


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