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January 8, 2010 - About ACC / Membership / FORUM / Beacon Awards

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Lifetime Releases Book on Women in Leadership

Lifetime Networks has partnered with VOICE, an imprint of Hyperion, to publish “Secrets of Powerful Women: Leading Change for a New Generation,” a collection of essays from top women leaders. The book aims to inspire women of all ages to pursue leadership in politics, the workplace, and their communities.

The publication stems from Lifetime’s 2008 “Future Forerunners” competition, which was held in conjunction with the network's “Every Woman Counts” campaign, a public advocacy program that runs during presidential election cycles and encourages women to become involved with the political process. Lifetime asked high school and college-aged women to share, via written essay or video, what actions they would take if they were elected president. The winners were invited to the 2008 Democratic and Republican National Conventions where they spoke with women leaders from both parties. These discussions inspired essays featured in “Secrets of Powerful Women”

The book is set for release on February 2 and features pieces from female leaders such as Michelle Bernard, president and CEO of the Independent Women's Forum; Fran Drescher, film actress and public diplomacy envoy, Women's Health Issues for the U.S. State Department; Beth Frerking, assistant managing editor, Partnerships, at; Carol Jenkins, former president of the Women's Media Center and Emmy® Award-winning broadcast journalist; Madeleine Kunin, first female governor (D) of Vermont; Susan Wolf Turnbull, vice chair of the Democratic National Committee; and Marie Wilson, president of The White House Project and co-creator of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

All proceeds will be donated to The White House Project, a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing women into leadership positions. For more information on “Secrets of Powerful Women,” visit the VOICE Web site.

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Get Involved With ACC by Volunteering on a Committee

Are you interested in getting connected to ACC in a fresh way? ACC is looking for volunteers for our FORUM, Beacon Award and ACC Board Committees. Get involved and help mold ACC programs to meet the needs of cable communicators.

FORUM Committee members will help determine the agenda and promote FORUM 2010 to the industry. Beacon Award volunteers manage the complete entry process from promotion to judging to the Beacon Awards Gala. Board Committees develop association programs and help members get connected to one another.

For more information on the committees, go to ACC’s Web site. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact ACC by emailing or calling 800-210-3396. You can also print out a volunteer form and fax it to ACC at 202-222-2371.

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Tips on Planning for a New Year

Another year has passed, and it’s time to break out those new resolutions. Whether you’re the type who obeys that list of New Year’s resolutions to the letter or someone who takes a few detours on the way, ACC wants your 2010 to be a professional success. We gathered industry experts for the December 2009 online chat, “Communications Planning in 2010,” to discuss launching a successful new year in the industry. Here are a few tips from Kimberley Gilmore, PhD, historian and director, corporate outreach, for A&E Television Networks/History; Cary Gray Kelly, president Cary Gray Kelly, Inc.; and Carol Vernon, certified executive coach and principal, Communications Matters, LLC.
Review the Past Year

“The end of the year provides a great opportunity to really take inventory, assess what's worked and perhaps what needs improvement, and begin the planning for the new year,” Vernon said. Taking inventory can including reflection on the results of the entire year’s worth of work and the success of each individual campaign. “A formal process for reviewing activities and identifying accomplishments is critical and it is also important to share that with staff and stakeholders,” Kelly said. “There is also time for informal reflection and sharing about what worked, what didn't work and what you would like to see the year look like.”

When reviewing a campaign, look outside your team for perspective. “When it comes to reviewing what didn't work it also helps to hear from people who might not have been intimately involved with a campaign but can give their insights,” Gilmore said. “Being open minded is crucial when it comes to receiving feedback about what didn't work since we all want to do what we do more successfully.”

Also, don’t underestimate the power of personal reflection on your professional endeavors. “You know, a key point here is that if you want to be your best self in your profession and be prepared to bring your best ideas, you must live your life with intention, which includes setting goals, identifying what you want and evaluating where you've been,” Kelly said. Take a moment to reflect on your year personally and understand your successes and areas of improvement.

Set Goals

 “Goals for 2010 should be focused on opportunities,” Kelly said. “Then you take what you learned from 2009 and use those lessons (leveraging successes, as well as learning from failures). [They] should find their way into your strategies.”

Goals setting can be a more formal process than scribbling down a few resolutions. “Set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-lined,” Vernon said, quoting the SMART system. “It's key to goal-setting to think about stakeholders—whose input do you need, what resources do you have at your disposal that will allow you to envision and create your goals?” She also encourages being intentional about living life—both professionally and personally.

Stay Optimistic and Creative

Despite the changes in the past year, Gilmore encourages optimism and keeping a creative eye out. “Seize the moment,” she said. “Because of so many changes in our workplaces in the past year, this is a time to think creatively about designing new programs and thinking about new ways to achieve our goals of reaching multiple audiences.” A new year brings the opportunity for new projects, collaborations, and the chance to revamp old campaigns. Expect the unexpected and you may be surprised.

For more information, check out the online chat transcript in the members-only portion of the ACC Web site. Your username is your work email address, and the password is your last name all in lowercase letters.

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ACC’s New Social Media Resource Page

You can never know too much about the rapidly evolving world of social media. It’s changing how and where people communicate, with new products and methods popping up every day. You want to stay ahead of the curve and now you can with ACC’s latest online resource: FAQs About Social Media.

This ACC-produced video series dissects the latest trends and techniques in social media communications. In the first clip, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association’s director of online content, Paul Rodriguez, answers the question “Should I blog?” Viewers may be surprised by Rodriguez’s fresh take on one of the earliest forms of social media.
The FAQs page also features ACC’s social media-related webinars, online chats, FORUM 2009 sessions, and other resources. Visit
ACC’s Web site to check out the new series and catch us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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Univision to Develop PSAs on Financial Issues

Univision, in partnership with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, plans to develop a series of PSAs aimed to advise US Hispanics on financial issues. Planned topics include avoiding foreclosure scams, check fraud, and reverse mortgages.

The PSAs build on Univision’s continuing financial literacy campaign, “Cuentas Claras.” The campaign has provided information to individuals throughout the US and Puerto Rico through an informative Web site that offers advice on credit, bankruptcy, insurance, employment, and other financial matters. For more information, visit Univision’s Web site.

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ACC Offers Trial Membership—Six Months Free!

Help your peers reach those new year career resolutions! Now is the best time to encourage them to join ACC. The association has instituted a “test drive” trial membership initiative that will allow prospective members to participate in the association’s various programs and professional development activities on a trial basis for six months free and without further obligation.

The “test drive” concept allows prospective members to join the organization without paying any up-front fees, and experience all the benefits ACC has to offer, including a comprehensive Web site, online chats and Webinars and ACC Briefs on key topics of interest for six months. To continue benefits and access to ACC programs after the trial period ends, new members simply pay half of the first year’s dues, or $100 to complete the year.  The “test drive” program runs through December 31, 2010. For more information, check out ACC's Web site or contact Prasana William at or 800-210-3396.

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MTV Launches Initiative to Stop Digital Abuse

MTV has launched “A Thin Line,” a multi-platform initiative designed to combat abuse in the form of sexting, cyberbullying, and digital dating abuse. The goal of the initiative is to educate youth on identifying and responding to digital harassment. “A Thin Line” will include topic-specific programming, PSAs, and online components.

On Valentine's Day 2010, the network plans to air “True Life: I Have Digital Drama,” an MTV News special focusing on sexting--a recent trend among teens which involves sharing nude or sexually explict images via text message. MTV will also air PSAs on specific digital abuse topics, including two directed by Joel Schumacher ("The Number 23" and "Phantom of the Opera"), titled “Public Nudity” and “Tattoo.” The initiative also includes the “Redraw the Line Challenge,” which asks young people to submit their ideas for creative solutions to stop digital abuse. The winning individual or team receives $10,000 and the opportunity to work with MTV.

The network has also launched, a Web site devoted to information, resources and support on issues concerning digital abuse. Visitors can take a quiz to determine whether they are victims or perpetrators of digital abuse, get help, share their stories, and learn how to protect themselves and others on the internet. The site also defines the key terms used to describe digital abuse including sexting, constant messaging, spying/stalking, and cruelty.

MTV partnered with Facebook and MySpace for the initiative, as well as awareness organizations such as the Family Violence Prevention Fund, WiredSafety, and the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline. The name of the initiative comes from what general manager of MTV, Stephen Friedman, defined in a release as the thin line between affection and abuse in the digital world. The network recently released a study exploring the range and impact of digital abuse on 14-to-24-year-olds, in partnership with the Associated Press. The study found that 50 percent of 14-to-24 year olds have been the target of digital abuse and 12 percent of those who have sexted have also contemplated suicide. For more information, visit

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Comcast Raises Funds for Cancer Research

Comcast has partnered with Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) to create Stand Up to Cancer On Demand, a VOD destination dedicated to raising awareness and funds for cancer research. The channel includes hundreds of music videos from popular artists and encourages viewers to visit SU2C’s Web site.

Viewers who watch the free videos from artists such as Alicia Keys, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews Band, Norah Jones, Mariah Carey, Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Idina Menzel, Jack Johnson, Sting, Renee Fleming, and Plácido Domingo are then invited to visit to make donations. Gifts benefit the organization’s efforts to bring cancer research results to patients faster.

The VOD channel will also feature Stand Up to Cancer’s new PSA, “Up2.” Directed by Jesse Dylan, the man behind’s “Yes, We Can” music video, the PSA features actors, singers, and sports stars explaining the role an individual can play in ending cancer. Dave Stewart, of the Eurhythmics, composed the anthem “Stand Up to Cancer,” featured in the PSA. For more information, visit

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Thank You, Corporate Members!

Join and support ACC by becoming a 2010 corporate member. For more information on how your organization can join ACC as a corporate member, please contact Steve Jones at or 202-222-2373.  For membership details, go to

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