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May 1, 2009 -
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Only 14 Days to the 2009 Beacon Award Final Deadline of May 15

The final deadline for the 2009 Beacon Awards is only two weeks away, but there is still plenty of time for you to put together your entries.  The 2009 Beacon Awards are easier than ever to enter, and you can do so in four, easy steps.

1.) Choose the Project(s). 
Over the course of the past year-and-a-half, your organization has probably executed several communications campaigns or initiatives.  Carefully review the work your organization has completed between November 16, 2007, and May 15, 2009, to determine which of your projects you would like to submit as a Beacon Award entry.  A look at the 23 categories listed in the
Beacon Award Call for Entries will help you determine where your project fits best.  To view projects from past years, please visit
2.) Write Your Project Summary and Addendum. 
The project summary is a crucial piece of your entry, as it describes the objectives and goals of the project, the tactics taken to implement the project and the results achieved.  The summary should be no more than three pages and should address three key points:  Planning & Strategy, Implementation, and Results.  The addendum is a short description submitted on a CD in a Word file of 120 words or less highlighting the overall objectives and impact of your project.  For more information on preparing your project summary and addendum, see the
Call for Entries.  Samples of past project summaries can also be found in the members-only section of the ACC Web site. These actual entries are good models to follow as you write your 2009 Beacon Award summary.  You should use their email address as their user name and their last name as their password, all in lowercase letters.

3.) Prepare Relevant Support Materials. 
As you are preparing your entry, you may want to include support materials to showcase the work and results achieved through your initiative.  Remember that you no longer have to submit a large binder of supporting materials.  To enhance the results section of your project summary, you may want to include up to three electronic files of your strongest support materials such as press clippings, photos, sponsorship signs, premium items, or anything else you feel demonstrates the work done on your initiative and video highlights.  The video highlights must be submitted on DVD and may not exceed five minutes in length.  If your initiative includes an online element, you can now submit the live URL.

4.) Package Your Entry. 
Each entry must include two copies of a completed entry form (found in the 2009 Call for Entries), eight copies of the three-page project summary, and five copies of a CD or DVD containing an electronic file of the three-page project summary, up to three electronic files of your strongest materials, including live URLs, and video highlights.  Video highlights may also be submitted on a separate DVD (include five copies) and cannot exceed five minutes.  Please test all discs.  An optional binder or poster of additional support materials may be included with your entry and will be reviewed only during the final round of judging.  Package the relevant support materials in a binder not to exceed 11” x 17” or on a board not to exceed 30” x 36”.  All items must be labeled with the contact name, company name, company address, entry title and category. 

The 2009 Beacon Award Call for Entries contains a full description of information needed to enter the Beacon Awards as well as a detailed breakdown of how entries will be judged.  Additional tips and advice can be found at the Beacon Award Blog.

The Beacon Awards recognize the best of the best cable communications and public affairs campaigns.  Enter your best work by May 15 and receive the recognition you deserve.  A pdf of the Call for Entries can be found online. 

ACC will honor the Beacon Award winners during a gala dinner and ceremony that will kick off FORUM 2009, the association’s dynamic, educational conference, the evening of October 26, 2009, in Denver, Colorado.  For more information about the Beacon Awards, visit or contact Michelle Butler at or 202-222-2372.

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Comcast Cares Day Experiences Record-Breaking Numbers

Comcast Cares Day, held on April 25, garnered more than 50,000 volunteers working at approximately 550 sites nationwide—a record-breaking number for the MSO’s eighth annual company-wide day of service. Employees and their friends and families came out to help communities all over the country, including Philadelphia, Detroit, Boston, and more, during the Golden Beacon Award-winning event.

“Comcast Cares Day is an event I look forward to every year,” Brian Roberts, Comcast chairman and chief executive officer, said in a statement.  “It is truly a moving experience to work with thousands of our employees as they give up their free time on a Saturday to help neighbors and their communities.  This year more than ever, our help is needed, and we are honored to do what we can to help each other.”

Volunteering more than 300,000 hours of service, participants worked on painting, building, beautification, and other community service efforts. Additionally, The Comcast Foundation donated grants to local community partner organizations on behalf of every Comcast Cares Day volunteer. The purpose of the grants is to further the impact of the organizations.

Since its inception in 2001, Comcast Cares Day has mobilized more than 170,000 volunteers who have contributed more than 1 million hours of service to communities all over the nation. The event is believed to be one of the largest single-days of corporate community services in the U.S. and has included numerous non-profit partners such as the National Council of La Raza and the National Urban League. For more information, visit the Comcast Cares Day Web site.

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Check Out the Updated ACC Electronic Membership Directory!

It’s easier than ever to connect with other cable communicators thanks to ACC’s updated Electronic Membership Directory. The searchable online directory of ACC members provides contact and professional information on all your fellow members and is located in the Members Only section of the ACC Web site. You can now search by name, company, city, state, zip code and more! The easy-to-use directory is available 24-7 for all your networking needs.

Links to the directory can be found in the sidebars of the main homepage and Members Only section. Only ACC members can access the directory and you must be logged into the members-only area. You can log in through the member log in box in the left-hand corner of each individual page of the Web site. Your username is your work email address, and the password is your last name all in lowercase letters.

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NAMIC Online Community to Create Cookbook

The National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC) will utilize its interactive Web community,
Diversity Live
, to collect recipes for the organization’s upcoming cookbook and online initiative Deliciously Diverse Recipes. The cookbook will feature user-generated and customizable content.

Over the next four months, NAMIC members can submit their favorite recipes on Diversity Live—which will also feature recipes and videos from Food Network personalities. The cookbooks will feature the 25 best recipes, chosen by Food Network culinary staff. Participating members can also customize their book by selecting 25 additional recipes from Food Network and its Web site partner,

"This converged platform has become a leading social networking application for, and I know NAMIC and its members will love the experience we’re providing through this unique online community,” Lisa Choi Owens, Scripps’ senior vice president of online partnerships and distribution said in a statement.

Diversity Live is home to NAMIC’s online community. The site provides access to user-generated videos, networking and professional development opportunities, educational offerings, and information on careers in technology. For more information, visit

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Join ACC for “Tap Dancing With The Media”—An ACC Webinar

The media can have the greatest impact on the public’s perception of you and your company’s performance, but the very nature of reporting news focuses on the negative. How do you negotiate the needs of reporters with the demands of your bosses to gain the most out of any media exposure your company receives? Spero Canton, director, public relations, Comcast, will show you how to master the fine art of media relations and understand the nuances of the rapidly changing system in “Tap Dancing With The Media,” an ACC webinar, May 7 at 2 pm EDT.

Canton has experienced the public exposure of media coverage from both sides of the microphone as a television reporter, a corporate spokesman and an elected politician. He will instruct you about the news reporting business, the motives and the unwritten rules as well as the diverse personalities you’ll encounter on this ongoing dance cable communicators must participate in with the media.

Attending this session will allow you to approach reporters with less trepidation and more credibility. Done effectively, media relations can position you as a trustworthy source for the media and by assuming that role the public’s perception of the company and the issues you represent will ultimately be enhanced.

Only ACC members may attend this webinar, and it is free of charge as a benefit of ACC membership.  ACC members can register for this free webinar via the association’s online education portal in the members-only section of ACC’s Web site. You must be logged into the members-only area to access this portal, and you can log in through the member log in box in the left-hand corner of each individual page of the Web site. Your username is your work email address, and the password is your last name all in lowercase letters.

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Bright House Networks Sends Youth Advocates to D.C. Afterschool Event

Bright House Networks partnered with the Afterschool Alliance this week to send three students to Washington, D.C., to participate in the Afterschool for All Challenge, an educational event focused on the importance of afterschool programs. The students were selected from Michigan and California Bright House service areas for their leadership in local afterschool programs and were brought to the U.S. Capitol to speak to lawmakers about increasing federal support. Included with a group of parents, educators, and youth brought to D.C. to participate in the Challenge, the students received special training in addressing lawmakers and could attend sessions on afterschool programs’ impact on policy, family life, and education.

As a part of Bright House’s sponsorship, the students shared their personal stories on the role of afterschool programs before an audience of parents, fellow youth, and policy makers—including Secretary of Education Arne Duncan—at the Breakfast of Champions on April 28. The event honored public figures that have had a significant influence on local programs.

This is the third year Bright House has supported the Afterschool for All Challenge. “our foray into supporting the Afterschool Alliance has been about elevating our presence in this space, and extending further what we do locally which we view as an extension of our education investment,” Reinaldo Llano, director of corporate community relations for Bright House, said, “Our focus has really been about youth and making a difference in the classroom and now out of the classroom too.  Because of the great advocacy work the Afterschool Alliance does, they become a powerful vehicle and ally for how we get the word out and increase our overall support and impact in a way that maximizes the overall effects of our investments.”

The Afterschool Alliance is a non-profit public awareness and advocacy organization that focuses on improving access and quality of afterschool programs nationwide. In addition to the Challenge, the Alliance holds numerous awareness events every year and has partnered with over 25,000 afterschool programs. For more information, visit or contact Reinaldo Llano at

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ACC Provides Scholarship For Florida Cable Connection

The ACC has agreed to host a communications educational track on Thursday, June 18, 2009, at the Florida Cable Connection, and will provide a registration scholarship (valued at $100) for up to 30 ACC members to attend the Thursday conference events. For an additional $25, ACC members can also register to attend sessions the next day. Selected scholarships recipients will be responsible for their own travel expenses. The Florida Cable Connection will take place June 18-19, 2009, at the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne. Interested ACC Members can contact Steve Jones at for more information about how to receive a registration scholarship. To register for Florida Cable Connections, visit the event's Web site.

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Outdoor Channel Partners with Pass It On—Outdoor Mentors

The Outdoor Channel will serve as the exclusive television partner to Pass It On—Outdoor Mentors, an organization dedicated to providing children with mentors who will share with them the wonder of nature. The partnership will include film coverage as well as marketing support.

As partner, the Outdoor Channel will participate in the organization's youth mentoring events and film activities for future use in programming. The network will also utilize its outdoor personalities for public service announcements on-air and on its Web site. Customized marketing programs centered on Pass It On will draw on Outdoor Channel’s connection to affiliates, advertisers, and conservation organizations.

“With Outdoor Channel’s broad distribution and loyal viewers who are active community leaders and who regularly volunteer, we’ll be supporting Pass It On—Outdoor Mentors’ mission by encouraging our viewers to join us in giving back [by] mentoring children in ways that connect our brand and viewers so powerfully—participating in outdoor activities,” Denise Conroy-Galley, senior vice president, marketing and research at the Outdoor Channel, said in a statement.

Pass It On—Outdoor Mentors provide children with the chance to connect to nature with the help of an experienced mentor. With activities in over ten states, the organization strives to reach children who may not have these types of opportunities and also frequently partners with Big Brothers, Big Sisters. For more information, visit

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The Essentials of Career Advancement Today: Showcase and Communicate Your Value

You don’t have to let career advancement take a backseat to the challenges of today’s economy. “Today’s work place and job market are challenging, but they also provide real opportunities for savvy professionals to make significant contributions and be rewarded,” Carol Vernon, Certified Executive Coach & Principal, Communications Matters, LLC said in an ACC online chat on April 22.

New twists on the old career-building standbys of self-promotion, networking, and a strong resume can be the key to becoming a top candidate in today’s job market, according to expert career coaches.  Here are a few tips on refreshing your approach to career advancement from the experts featured in ACC’s chat, “Managing Your Career in Today’s Economy.”

The New Resume Boosters

· Interpersonal Skills: Never underestimate the power of interpersonal and leadership skills. “In this economy, you need to show how you can work across all departments and get people to follow you even when they don't report directly to you,” Renee Hauch, Senior Vice President, Search Management and Research, Carlsen Resources, said. Showcase ways you have created and maintained internal and external relationships.

· Social Media Experience: It’s the hot topic right now, but whether you are the department’s Facebook guru or dabble in Twitter, it is important to have these skills on your resume. “Every client I am working with - from cable networks to cable operators, are looking for candidates who have done some work in social media (particularly on the PR side of the business) as well as have ideas on how to incorporate social media into a company's strategy. If you have experience in this area, I suggest highlighting it to show your value!” Hauch said. Display your understanding of the multi-platform world.

Self-Promotion: Nailing the Interview

· Tell A Good Story: The communications field is dependant upon professionals who can share stories clearly and effectively. The same can be said of a good job interview. “Tell your achievements through stories. Have them in your back pocket and ready to use in any situation,” Lynn Drake of Drake Consulting & Coaching, LLC, said. “Make your point through examples, using the story telling aspect. Succinct and concise and dramatic will make them memorable.”

· Showcase Your Accomplishments: This may seem like a no-brainer, but in today’s economy it is pertinent to prove your value to a company and any experience in doing more with less is highly valued. “I think it's important to strike a balance between overselling yourself and underselling yourself. What I mean is that some people won't really talk about what they have accomplished. This is your time to shine and discuss your tangible accomplishments that are relative to the job (look at the job description and make sure to address what the client is looking for and what you done that meets their needs),” Hauch said. “This is where you need to show that you can 'roll up your sleeves' and do the job...that you can work with limited resources, that you are a team player.”

Networking with the Net

· Use Your Online Profile: It’s still all about who you know, but thanks to professional networking Web sites like LinkedIn, who you know is no longer limited to people you have actually met. Hauch used the site to find a future employee whose profile fit the job description. The trick is to utilize industry keywords in your profile. “My best advice is to set up your profile online and put in key words that describe your experience,” Hauch said. “For example, when I did my search, I was looking for certain criteria - sales, interactive sales, media, etc. and I also narrowed it down by geographic area. A lot of recruiters and employers use the site to look for resumes. The more specific you are in your resume, the more times your profile will be viewed.”

For more advice on today’s job market, advancing your career, and utilizing a career coach, check out the transcript of “Managing Your Career in Today’s Economy,” located in the Online Education Portal of the ACC Web site. You must be logged into the members-only area to access this portal, and you can log in through the member log in box in the left-hand corner of each individual page of the Web site. Your username is your work email address, and the password is your last name all in lowercase letters.

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Register for FORUM 2009 Online!

Being a part of cable communication’s premiere professional development event just got easier. Registration for FORUM 2009 is now available online. Join your colleagues for educational sessions and networking opportunities to further your career, October 26-28. Simply visit the Cable Connection registration site for ACC events. From there, you can register for FORUM events as well as book your hotel. Registration is $800 before September 23 for all three days. Beacon Awards ceremony only tickets are priced at $150. This year, FORUM opens with the Beacon Awards on Monday evening, October 26th, and continues on Tuesday and Wednesday with a full range of educational sessions. For more information, visit

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Thank You, Corporate Members!

Join and support ACC by becoming a 2009 corporate member. For more information on how your organization can join ACC as a corporate member, please contact Steve Jones at or 202-222-2373.  For membership details, go to

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