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Share New CTPAAbriefs on Multicast Must Carry With Policymakers & Editorial Boards
Only 42 Days to the 2006 Beacon Awards Deadline!
Limited Number of Seats Still Available for CTPAA Public Affairs Institute
Comcast Cares Day Brings Out More Than 30,000 Volunteers
Nickelodeon Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month
CTPAA Launches New Best Practices Study on Contributing to the Bottom Line
Discovery Announces Forty Young Scientist Finalists
Comcast Foundation Donates $50,000 to Oakland Literacy Organization
Court TV Enhances Digital Fingerprinting Initiative
Judge the 2006 Beacon Awards
Public Relations Coordinator, Bresnan Communications
Thank You Corporate Members!

 Share New CTPAAbriefs on Multicast Must Carry With Policymakers & Editorial Boards
This week CTPAA published the October 2005 issue of CTPAAbriefs, outlining the industry's position on "Multicast Must Carry," an issue that could have a major impact on both cable system operators and programmers in the coming weeks. The brief provides an easy-to-understand discussion of the issue, and why the cable television industry is against allowing broadcasters to demand carriage of all their signals beyond their primary signal.

CTPAA encourages public affairs professionals to use the brief to discuss multicast must carry with national, state and local policy leaders. It is written and designed to be given directly to policy leaders who need to understand this issue. Members are also encouraged to schedule meetings with editorial boards at local newspapers to share with them the cable industry's perspective on this issue. Additional, free copies are available by contacting Steve Jones at 202-775-1081 or sjones@ctpaa.org. Electronic copies may also be downloaded by going to the CTPAA Web site.
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 Limited Number of Seats Still Available for CTPAA Public Affairs Institute
There are five seats remaining for the second annual CTPAA Public Affairs Institute to be held November 14-16, 2005, at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C., in partnership with The George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management. Contact CTPAA now if you would like to attend. For more information on this three-day, executive education program, visit the CTPAA Web site or contact Steve Jones at 202-775-1081 or sjones@ctpaa.org.
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 Only 42 Days to the 2006 Beacon Awards Deadline!
There are 42 days to the 2006 Beacon Awards Deadline of November 18, 2005, and 28 days to the Early Bird Deadline of November 4, 2005. The Early Bird Deadline allows members to save $50 off of every entry submitted. While 48 days may seem like a long way off, it's now time to begin working on a submission to the Beacon Awards.

As you carve out time in your busy schedule to put together your entries, you may want to consider ways to stress how the project reflects creativity and innovation in its concept, use of resources and implementation. Creativity is 20 percent of the total score a judge will give your entry, and a high score in this area often means the difference between which entries final and which ones do not. According to the 2006 Beacon Award Call for Entries, creativity addresses the "level of creativity and innovation evidenced in the conception, use of available resources, and implementation of project." Creative, Beacon Award winning projects from last year include "A Community Partner Working For You" Supporting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation the Interactive Way, C-SPAN's Campaign Cam, Government Affairs Spring Training 2004, Project X Box – Media, and Take Charge! Smart Choices for Your Cox Digital Home.

The Beacon pages of the CTPAA Web site offer several valuable tools to assist members, such as the Frequently Asked Questions and information about past Beacon Award winning projects. CTPAA has posted the 2006 Beacon Award Call for Entries in pdf format. There are brief summaries of 2005 winners and finalists online. In addition, CTPAA members can read the three-page project summaries from the 2001-2005 Beacon Award finalists. These summaries are the core of each Beacon entry and detail the planning, implementation and results of a successful cable public affairs initiative and can serve as a good model for preparing a 2006 Beacon Award entry. In order to read these summaries, members will be prompted to enter their user name (their email) and password (their last name). All must be in lowercase letters.

CTPAA will announce the winners of the 2006 Beacon Awards during a gala ceremony and dinner on Tuesday, March 21, 2006, during FORUM 2006 in Washington, D.C., at the JW Marriott Hotel. For more information about the 2006 Beacon Awards, contact Michelle Butler at mbutler@ctpaa.org or at 202-775-1082.
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 Comcast Cares Day Brings Out More Than 30,000 Volunteers
More than 30,000 Comcast employees and their families volunteered a total of 180,000 hours of service on the fifth annual Comcast Cares Day held October 1st. These volunteers gave up their Saturday to donate their time to nearly 300 community organizations in 32 states and the District of Columbia. Volunteers painted schools, landscaped parks, stocked food banks, and helped out with a variety of other much-needed projects, demonstrating Comcast's commitment to the communities it serves. The Comcast Foundation will award over $1 million in grants to the community partner organizations where employee volunteers worked during Comcast's company-wide day of service.

The time donated by Comcast employees and their families in one day would be the equivalent of 86 years of service. In one day, Comcast volunteers in Philadelphia painted a facility that will serve people with developmental disabilities and mental health concerns, saving the organization approximately $30,000 and speeding up the facility's grand opening in three months.

Even though the Grants, N.M., office only employs six people, they made a valuable contribution to Comcast Cares Day by recruiting outside volunteers. Their efforts brought out 550 volunteers to help transform a high school athletic complex. They cleaned ditches, installed fencing and a scoreboard, completed maintenance on the soccer field and helped the band host its "Junior Quad" sports competition.

The devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita inspired many projects throughout the Southern division. In Jacksonville, Fla., 250 Comcast volunteers partnered with the Northeast Florida Second Harvest Food Bank to collect 8,400 pounds of food and more then $1,000 in cash from the public and employees to donate to hurricane victims. For more information, contact Nancy Page, Comcast, at 215-981-7778.
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 Nickelodeon Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month
Nickelodeon is celebrating Hispanic Heritage month, September 15 through October 15, with a series of on and off air events to celebrate the past, present and future of Hispanic culture. Events include special Cable in the Classroom programming, participation in a public policy seminar, and local appearances at cultural events by Dora and Diego, two popular Hispanic characters that star in Nick Jr. shows Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go!.

Hispanic culture was the theme of Nickelodeon's Cable in the Classroom programming for the month of September. Programming included special editions of Nick News with Linda Ellerbee focusing on migrant Mexican families and their experiences in the U.S. and examining Latin traditions such as the "quinceanera," a fifteenth birthday celebration held for Hispanic women, similar to "sweet sixteen" celebrations for U.S. teens.

Throughout the month-long celebration, Nick Jr. costumed characters Dora and Diego have made appearances at cultural events such as the Bronx Zoo's Hispanic Heritage Month celebration honoring important Hispanics in history. Diego, who rescues animals on his show, made an appearance at the zoo and handed out hundreds of educational, bi-lingual posters. Nick Jr. also hosted Diego Day at the Children's Museum of Manhattan. This event included a mask-making demonstration and a live petting zoo. Dora visited the California State Museum in Sacramento for the opening of an exhibit honoring Latinas. The exhibit features Dora posters and storyboards, as well as a demonstration of the animation process. On October 9, Nickelodeon will take part in the Hispanic Day Parade in New York City with a float featuring Dora and Diego characters.

Nickelodeon's focus on Hispanic culture also extended into public policy with a panel discussion during the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's Public Policy Conference in Washington, D.C., on September 12. Herb Scannell, vice chairman of MTV Networks and president of Nickelodeon Networks, took part in a Latino Executive Roundtable where he discussed Nickelodeon's diversity efforts.

Nickelodeon also highlights Hispanic-themed elements on its Web sites. NickJr.com offers videos, sing-a-longs, recipes for authentic Latin dishes and numerous suggestions on how to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at home. For more information, contact Joanna Roses at joanna.roses@nick.com.
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 CTPAA Launches New Best Practices Study on Contributing to the Bottom Line
CTPAA has launched a new Best Practices study on contributing to the bottom line in the members-only section of the CTPAA Web site. The day-to-day activities of cable public affairs departments help grow the profitability of their companies and expand the market. Cable public affairs professionals contribute to the company's bottom line through capitalizing on good relationships, gaining sales leads from public affairs initiatives, partnering with ad sales, launching customer retention and image campaigns, managing employee incentive campaigns, and acquiring sponsors for public affairs events.

Other Best Practices in Cable Public Affairs topics already online explore cable's competition, effective partnerships, employee morale and customer satisfaction, improving government relations, measuring results and partnering internally with marketing, local ad sales and other departments. Utilizing Beacon Award finalist entries and member input, the Best Practices in Cable Public Affairs features an easy-to-use outline of key best practices and tips in cable public affairs. These Best Practices should be useful during the planning or development of a public affairs initiative and serve as a source of ideas on how to overcome challenges within a community.

There is a link to Best Practices in Cable Public Affairs from the Resources & Education page and from the members-only page. To access the Best Practices section, you will be asked to log-in. The user name is your email address, and the password is your last name, all in lower case letters. If you have suggestions for future best practices or questions, please contact Michelle Butler at mbutler@ctpaa.org or 202-775-1082.
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 Discovery Announces 40 Young Scientist Finalists
Discovery Channel has announced the 40 finalists in its 2005 Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge (DCYSC). These 40 students will travel from 19 states and Puerto Rico to Washington, D.C., October 15-19 to vie for the title of American's Top Young Scientist of the Year. To earn this title, they will need to succeed in a series of scientific challenges and experiments centered around a timely theme, "Forces of Nature." This theme was chosen because of recent natural disasters, in particular the hurricanes that devastated the Gulf Coast and the tsunami that ravaged Southeast Asia. Students will use their knowledge to understand the wide scope and lasting effects of natural disasters.

More than $100,000 in scholarships and prizes will be awarded to the top students. The finalists, all fifth through eight-graders, were chosen based on projects presented at local science fairs across the country. They will present their research projects again as part of the final competition and will also be judged on communication skills and creative thinking.

Discovery has held the DCYSC since 1999 to advance science and math education, an area that students tend to lose interest in during middle school years. The competition honors students who demonstrate leadership, teamwork and scientific problem solving, as well as the ability to effectively communicate scientific information. For more information including a list of finalists and their winning entries, visit the DCYSC Web site.
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 Comcast Foundation Donates $50,000 to Oakland Literacy Organization
The Comcast Foundation has awarded a $50,000 grant to the Oakland Parents Literacy Project (OPLP), a non-profit, community-based organization that promotes child and family literacy in Oakland, Calif. The grant will provide books for 7,000 elementary students and fund more than 60 family reading nights in the 2005-2006 school year. Family reading nights feature storytellers including local celebrities like Mayor Jerry Brown and Terrence Long of the Oakland Athletics baseball team. Library staff teaches family members how to improve literacy skills by introducing reading activities at home including reading recipes, labels and newspapers, and starting a home library. According to recent standardized test scores, 73 percent of second graders in the Oakland Unified School District are at risk because their reading and literacy skills are not up to grade level. For more information contact Erica Eusebio-Smith at erica_smith1@cable.comcast.com.
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 Court TV Enhances Digital Fingerprinting Initiative
Court TV will team up with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to enhance the network's Digital Fingerprinting initiative by offering safety tips to families. NCMEC, a leader in services to prevent abduction, endangerment and exploitation of children, will provide Court TV with prevention tips to include in promotional materials for fingerprinting events nationwide.

Court TV has partnered with cable systems since 2002 to bring its Digital Fingerprinting service to children across the country. In that time, Court TV has fingerprinted over 100,000 youngsters with the goal of preventing crimes against children by giving parents and guardians the tools and information they need to help keep their children safe. Each child receives an 8x10 photograph, fingerprints and list of personal information such as height, weight, and hair color.

Court TV has a longstanding relationship with NCMEC through their shared goal of protecting children, so the organization's contribution to the digital fingerprinting events is a natural fit. Previously Court TV has aired more than 400 missing children PSAs during "Catherine Crier Live" and "Closing Arguments." To date, 90 of the missing children featured have been recovered. For more information, contact Rachelle Savoia at savoiar@courttv.com.
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 Judge the 2006 Beacon Awards
CTPAA invites its members to choose the best of the best cable public affairs initiatives of the past year by being a 2006 Beacon Awards judge. To volunteer, complete the Beacon judge form and send it to CTPAA. As a Beacon judge, CTPAA members will learn what cable public affairs professionals across the country are accomplishing and will walk away from the experience with dozens of new ideas. The first round of Beacon judging will be all day January 11 and 12 in Washington, D.C., with a welcome reception hosted by NCTA on the evening of January 10. For more information, contact Michelle Butler at 202-775-1082 or mbutler@ctpaa.org.
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 Public Relations Coordinator, Bresnan Communications
Bresnan Communications is seeking a public relations coordinator with three to five years experience, preferably in the cable industry. The position will be based in Purchase, N.Y. This person will manage community development and customer appreciation events, assist with media relations, produce publications and complete other related tasks. The candidate should be a strong writer and event planner, with the ability to shift priorities as necessary in a fast-paced work setting. BA or BS is required with a concentration in journalism or communications preferred. Fax resume and writing samples to 914-641-3393 or email to careers@bresnan.com.
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 Thank You Corporate Members!
Join and support CTPAA by becoming a 2006 corporate member. For information on how your organization can join CTPAA as a corporate member, please contact Steve Jones at sjones@ctpaa.org or at 202-775-1083. For membership details, go to www.ctpaa.org/mcorp.shtml.

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