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Inside This Issue:
January CTPAAbriefs Explains "Must Carry" Rules
Comcast Launches Driver Safety Campaign Aimed at Teens
CTPAA Web Site Hosts Valuable Resources
BET Holds Atlanta Rap-It-Up Event, Launches Second Film Contest
Inspiration Networks Partner With Organization to Spread Hope
Southern California Cable Systems Find Artistic Use for Satellite Dishes
SCTE & CTPAA Present Crash Course in Broadband Technology
Annual CTAM/Multichannel News Mark Awards Competition Extends Deadline
Nominate a Colleague for the 2005 Public Affairs Achievement Award
Job Opening at Rainbow Media
Thank You Corporate Members!

 January CTPAAbriefs Explains "Must Carry" Rules
This week CTPAA released the second issue (January 2005) of "CTPAAbriefs," exploring the Federal "Must Carry" rules and their effect on the Digital Transition (DTV). It was sent to all CTPAA members and approximately 300 other cable system executives. The brief is designed to serve as a "primer" on the transition from analog to digital transmission of broadcast television. It explains what "must carry" rules are, how they developed, and the arguments over what they should look like in a digital era of multicasting.

To help cable operators and others in the industry unfamiliar with the "must carry" rules, the brief opens with a short history. It explains the theory behind "must carry" and the perceived need to protect local broadcasters. The brief outlines the current state of the law regarding "must carry" and retransmission consent, and illustrates the difference between these two related concepts. Next it explains how "must carry" laws become complicated when operators are required to carry both analog and digital versions of each broadcast channel during the transition. The publication concludes with the ongoing debate over whether operators should be required to carry more than just the broadcaster's "primary" signal, a concept known as "multicasting."

For additional copies of the brief, contact CTPAA at 202-775-1081 or services@ctpaa.org. An electronic copy of the brief may be downloaded from http://www.magnetmail.net/ls.cfm?r=12817669&sid=400964&m=76587&u=CTPPA&s=http://www.ctpaa.org/briefs.shtml.
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 Comcast Launches Driver Safety Campaign Aimed at Teens
In an effort to promote driver safety among teens, Comcast systems in the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area have partnered with families and friends of accident victims on a public safety program titled Drive, Think, Live. Comcast will donate a total of $1 million worth of airtime for public service messages that will air throughout the next six months. Some systems have also begun distributing black Drive, Think, Live wristbands to high school students, public officials, and Comcast employees.

The initiative began in the Montgomery County, Md., system in response to the dramatic increase in teen driving accidents recently in the Washington, DC, Metro area. Since October, there have been 17 teenage driving deaths in the area. In many of these incidents, speed, alcohol, and drag racing have been proven to be contributing factors. The campaign is designed to promote a dialogue among teenagers about their driving behavior and to encourage them to take fewer risks when they get behind the wheel. It is now being adopted in systems throughout the state of Maryland, the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, and the Richmond Metropolitan Area.

The PSAs that Comcast produced feature testimonials from family members and friends of young people who have been killed in traffic accidents. The spots will air beginning March 1, 2005. Plans are being made to increase distribution of the wristbands to ensure that the message reaches all high school students in the region. Comcast hopes this campaign will lead to a reduction in the number of teen traffic accidents. For more information, contact Lisa Altman, Comcast Washington/VA region, at lisa_altman@cable.comcast.com.
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 CTPAA Web Site Hosts Valuable Resources
A variety of information can be obtained by going to the CTPAA Web site starting with the home page. When you visit http://www.magnetmail.net/ls.cfm?r=12817669&sid=400968&m=76587&u=CTPPA&s=http://www.ctpaa.org/ , you will find cable industry CEO's discussing a number of issues related to the role of public affairs and the executives who oversee public affairs activities.

On the Resources and Education page, you can go to "Best Practices" (member log-in required) and read about four different case studies: Cable's Competition, Effective Partnerships, Improving Government Relations, and Partnering Internally.  By scrolling down the Resources and Education page, you will find references to the CTPAAbriefs, CTPAA Public Affairs Institute, and valuable research data and Internet resources. These are just a few of the electronic member benefits found on the CTPAA site. Visit it often as new material is constantly being added for the use of CTPAA members.
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 BET Holds Atlanta Rap-It-Up Event, Launches Second Film Contest
BET has announced plans for the eighth year of Rap-It-Up, its HIV/AIDS awareness initiative, that will feature a full calendar of community awareness events, the Second Annual Rap-It-Up Black AIDS Short Subject (RIU/BASS) Film Competition, and HIV-related programming.

In Atlanta this week, BET held a series of Rap-It-Up events in partnership with Absoloot Awareness Foundation, an organization that promotes healthy and active lifestyles in today's youth by targeting obesity and HIV/AIDS awareness, and Outreach, Inc., an organization that provides HIV/AIDS and drug abuse awareness and education programs to minority communities in Atlanta. It kicked off with an Awareness Rally on Saturday where the partner organizations administered free onsite HIV testing, community organizations distributed information, and several entertainers took the stage. Laila Ali, a Triple Crown Super Middleweight Boxing Champion and another one of BET's partners, was on hand to sign her book, Reach, and talk with visitors about HIV/AIDS.

On Monday, BET held a teen health forum for students at Redan High School in Stone Mountain, Ga., featuring a panel of celebrities, health educators, and AIDS activists. On Wednesday, Rap-It-Up headed to Clark Atlanta University where they held free HIV testing and a special screening of "Walking on Sunshine," the 2004 winner of the RIU/BASS film competition.

Today, Friday, Feb. 11, BET will host a concert before the ESPN's Friday Night Fights at Phillips Arena where Ali will face Cassandra Geigger. The weeklong campaign will conclude with a celebrity basketball game Saturday with proceeds benefiting Outreach, Inc.

BET's Second Annual RIU/BASS film competition also kicked off this week, in partnership with the Black AIDS Institute, the Kaiser Family Foundation, and the YWCA USA. In the first year BET received more than 600 screenplay submissions highlighting issues of HIV prevention, testing, treatment, and the impact of HIV/AIDS on individuals and families in the African-American community. Last year BET chose two winning scripts that were then produced and aired on BET on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2004. Michelle Taylor and Paul Grant won for their joint script, "Tangy's Song!," a true story of a gospel singer who is pregnant and living with HIV at age 22. Tracy Taylor was selected for "Walking on Sunshine," a story that depicts two sisters who put themselves at risk for HIV in different ways. This year entries must be submitted by May 27, 2005, and winners will be announced on August 8. Contest information is available at www.bet.com/rapitup.

Also on schedule this year for Rap-It-Up are two documentary-style programs that will examine the influence of hip hop and sexual messages on HIV/AIDS in the U.S. For more information on the Rap-It-Up campaign, contact Lyntina Townsend at 202-608-2745 or at lyntina.townsend@bet.net.    
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 Inspiration Networks Partner With Organization to Spread Hope
In 2004 Inspiration Networks (INSP) began a partnership with Convoy of Hope, a nonprofit organization that provides resources to organizations and churches for disaster relief and community outreach to improve communities around the world. Since then the partners have undertaken several efforts to provide direct assistance to victims of the Tsunami in Southeast Asia and the hurricanes in Florida, as well as outreach at community events such as a recent Super Bowl event in Jacksonville, Fla. INSP works with Convoy of Hope by providing financial aid and national visibility and bringing in additional partners through local cable systems. The organizations have planned 25 events so far for this year.

As Jacksonville was gearing up for the Super Bowl, INSP and Convoy of Hope came to town to host an outreach event that attracted approximately 6,500 visitors and 2,500 volunteers. The free event included a job fair, health screenings, haircuts, a Kids' Zone, and a gospel concert. INSP and Convoy of Hope also distributed thousands of pounds of food. Wachovia Bank and Bank of America contributed $250,000 for credit repair and gave away free one-year mortgages for the first 25 people who qualified.

In the wake of the Indian Ocean Tsunami, INSP and Convoy of Hope representatives have traveled to Sri Lanka, one of the hardest hit countries, to provide emergency aid. Volunteers are distributing food, cooking utensils, clothing, and personal hygiene items. They also help on larger projects such as digging wells and constructing water purification systems, and repairing churches. Volunteers are using construction materials and tents to provide temporary housing with an initial goal of housing 2,500 families. INSP airs news segments from Sri Lanka on "Inspiration Today!," a daily magazine-style program.

INSP and Convoy of Hope also reacted swiftly to aid the victims of the three hurricanes that hit Florida this summer. In response to Hurricanes Ivan, Frances, and Charley, the organizations delivered millions of pounds of supplies, ice and water and aided thousands of residents. For more information on INSP and Convoy of Hope's efforts, contact Wendy Vinson of INSP at 704-561-7728 or wvinson@insp.com.                                                                                                                                                         Back to top

 Southern California Cable Systems Find Artistic Use for Satellite Dishes
Adelphia Communications, Charter Communications, and Time Warner Cable systems in Southern California have joined together to host Dish It Up!, an eight-week art contest that asks students in their local systems to turn used satellite dishes into artwork. The systems are handing out discarded dishes to high school and college-aged students who will compete for a chance to win cash prizes. Each system will choose first, second and third place winners from students in their service areas.

Dish It Up! was designed as a creative use for satellite dishes that are discarded by returning cable customers each year. The contest was announced last week at the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock. For the past seven years, the facility has focused on providing innovative art for the community while also targeting at-risk youth. Art groups, students, teachers, and elected officials gathered at the art center to kick off the event and created "Dish Masterpieces" on-site.

Contestants may obtain a satellite dish by calling 888-544-8151 or emailing dishart411@aol.com. Dish artwork must be submitted to the local system at specified drop off areas by March 25, 2005. Adephia submissions will be collected at the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock. Time Warner submissions will be gathered at designated Boys & Girls Clubs. Charter submissions may be dropped off at the Charter office in Malibu. A panel of expert judges at each of the drop-off sites will judge the entries, and winners will be announced in April. For more information, contact Deane Leavenworth of Time Warner at deaneleavenworth@twcable.com or David Song of Bob Gold & Associates at david@bobgoldpr.com.
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 SCTE & CTPAA Present Crash Course in Broadband Technology
At FORUM 2005 the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers and CTPAA will present a master course for cable professionals who need to understand the high-tech services that cable offers. Based on SCTE's popular "Cable Technology for the Nontechnical Professional," this accelerated, express version will be a crash course in cable technology focusing on the technologies behind digital video, HDTV, High Speed Internet, Home Networking, VoIP and more. In addition, the seminar will present a peek at technologies just over the horizon to provide participants with an idea of where the industry is headed from a technological perspective.

The master course, titled "Talking Cable Tech: A Crash Course in Broadband Technology," will take place Sunday, May 1, 2005, from 1 to 5 p.m. There is an additional fee of $125 for the course ($175 for non-CTPAA members). Visit the CTPAA Web site for more information, including a detailed agenda.
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 Annual CTAM/Multichannel News Mark Awards Competition Extends Deadline
CTAM, the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing, and partner Multichannel News have extended the submission deadline for the annual Mark Awards competition to Friday, Feb. 25, 6 p.m. EST, provided the entrant includes an additional $50 per entry. For more than 20 years, the Mark Awards have honored consumer and trade marketing excellence. The 'Top of the Mark' award, which was first awarded in 2003, will once again honor the top-scoring campaign of the year. The winners will be announced at the Mark Awards presentations on Sunday, July 24, 2005, during The CTAM Summit in Philadelphia. Entries are welcome from all sectors of the business, including cable companies, program networks and trade suppliers. The entry form and details are found exclusively at the dedicated Web site: http://www.magnetmail.net/ls.cfm?r=12817669&sid=400974&m=76587&u=CTPPA&s=http://www.markawards.com.
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 Nominate a Colleague for the 2005 Public Affairs Achievement Award
Nominate a fellow cable public affairs executive for the Public Affairs Achievement Award. The deadline is Feb. 28, 2005. Presented annually during FORUM, the award recognizes and honors individual members for their outstanding contributions to cable public affairs in the categories of community relations, government relations, media relations or local programming.

The eligibility requirements are:

  • Current member of CTPAA
  • Member of CTPAA for a minimum of three (3) years
  • Worked in public affairs a minimum of five (5) years
  • Supports the goals of the CTPAA
  • Employed by a MSO, Local System, Cable Network, Industry Supplier, or Industry Nonprofit Organization
  • Individuals are eligible to receive the award once for each of the four categories.
  • The current CTPAA President is not eligible for nomination until two years after his or her term in office.

For information on how to nominate someone or to obtain a nomination form, please go to the membership page of the CTPAA Web site.
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 Job Opening at Rainbow Media
Rainbow Media has a job opening for a trade publicist in New York City. The applicant should have at least 2 to 3 years experience in cable, broadcast or agency work, strong communication skills, and record of media placements. The position requires a person who is aggressive, proactive, and enjoys a fast-paced environment working on multiple national networks. To apply send an email to jpiombin@cablevision.com.
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 Thank You Corporate Members!
Join and support CTPAA by becoming a 2005 corporate member. For information on how your organization can join CTPAA as a corporate member, please contact Steve Jones at sjones@ctpaa.org or at 202-775-1083. For membership details, go to ctpaa.org/mcorp.shtml.

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