C-SPAN and Time Warner Cable Brought Together Students & Leaders in New York City
This spring C-SPAN and Time Warner Cable partnered on a unique educational experience for select New York City high school students through an initiative called Students & Leaders: New York City. The project brought national leaders to the classrooms of ten local high schools, and the meetings were aired nationally on C-SPAN and C-SPAN2.

During the week of May 17th, leaders from a variety of fields were invited by C-SPAN to "return to the classroom" at schools in Time Warner Cable's service area to discuss their lives and careers and the concepts of leadership and public service. Schools participating in the week-long project were selected by the New York City Department of Education. Some of the leaders involved were Frank McCourt, author of Angela's Ashes; Representative Gregory Meeks (D-6/NY); Harold Prince, Broadway director and producer; and Anderson Cooper, CNN anchor.

C-SPAN cameras recorded the events, aired them on the C-SPAN networks and shared them with other students across the country and with C-SPAN's national viewing audience. The videos are archived and available on the project's Web site, http://www.magnetmail.net/ls.cfm?r=2707054&sid=197504&m=43302&u=CTPPA&s=http://www.studentsandleaders.org/, along with lesson plans and other teaching materials.

Students & Leaders was an ambitious effort to conduct a meaningful educational campaign designed to foster conversations between high school students and national and local leaders. The leaders were certainly inspiring for the students involved, and both Time Warner and C-SPAN received positive feedback from the television audience. Students & Leaders: New York City followed up on the success of the 2004 Golden Beacon winning Students & Leaders project in the Washington, D.C. area that had been a joint project of C-SPAN and Comcast.

 Comcast Helped Refurbish AIDS Ribbons on Hollywood United Methodist Church
Comcast and the Hollywood United Methodist Church joined forces on June 14 to refurbish the historic AIDS ribbons on the church towers located at Franklin and Highland in Hollywood. Utilizing a 120-foot crane, volunteers spent more than ten hours painting the two AIDS ribbons, which have come to symbolize hope, tolerance, compassion, acceptance and support in Hollywood.

The Hollywood United Methodist Church (HUMC) was established in 1909 as a "sanctuary of hope" and since, has distinguished itself as a local beacon of progressivism and activism. HUMC's commitment to helping those living with HIV/AIDS began in the early 1990s when more than 30 congregants died of complications related to the disease. This strong commitment was symbolized on World AIDS Day in 1993, with two giant red ribbons attached to the landmark church tower as a highly visible way to proclaim its inclusiveness and faith to the entire community. Comcast joined with HUMC to repaint the tower, showing a united commitment to Hollywood in support of all the services the church provides to its community members.

 Win an Apple iPod Mini by Participating in CTPAA Co-Sponsored Survey
CTPAA is working with Topics Education to benchmark the changing role of technology products and services utilized by cable system operators' public affairs efforts. Individuals who participate are eligible to win an Apple iPod Mini.

To compile this valuable information, CTPAA is asking individuals who work in local systems to complete a short, five-minute online survey. Simply click on this link and follow the directions to participate. You may choose to submit your responses anonymously, or include your email address to be entered in a drawing for an Apple iPod Mini! The deadline to complete the survey and be eligible for the drawing is June 30, 2004.

Survey results will be featured in a joint CTPAA/Topics Education white paper published in the fall and distributed throughout the industry. The results from the white paper should help operators determine how others are using technology in their public affairs efforts and additionally help networks better tailor their public affairs campaigns to the needs of operators. Help CTPAA gather this important data by participating in this survey. For additional information contact Brett Pawlowski, Topics Education at 704-358-3198 or Brett@topicseducation.com.

 WAM! Launches Campaign to Spark Change in Dialogue About TV
With its June 20 premiere of WAM!'s Table Talk: How Far is To Far?, WAM! will begin a yearlong campaign to help focus the national debate about television content and decency. The campaign will help American families take on the primary responsibility of deciding what programs are age appropriate for their children. WAM! will provide tools like the new Table Talk episode How Far is Too Far? to inspire families to harness the positive power of television and avoid negative programming.

Confronting the issue of indecency and violence in the media, the program Table Talk: How Far is Too Far? will address whether certain images and behavior are appropriate to show onscreen and how it affects or doesn't affect real life behavior. The episode will premiere at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Sunday, June 20. WAM! will mark the premiere with on-air spots that encourage parents and kids to discuss TV content. The network is also producing a public service announcement that will encourage parents to make television viewing a family matter and will be available to the cable industry in June.

As part of its yearlong campaign, WAM! will work with cable systems to develop community outreach components. Designed to spark dialogue at home and in schools, the outreach will include workshops and town hall meetings featuring educators, policy makers and medical experts about the impact of television on young people. The episode How Far is Too Far? could provide a platform to create community events with key leaders to talk about how families can decide what is appropriate for children to watch on TV and how they can monitor what their families are watching. For more information, contact Chelsye Burrows at 720-852-5838 or Chelsye.Burrows@starzencore.com.

Table Talk: How Far is Too Far? is the latest installment of the network's award-winning Table Talk television series that provides conversational templates that other families can emulate. Each conversation begins with one family member posing a pressing problem. Others then express their opinions until effective discussion, listening and understanding is achieved. The concept has been endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Any episode of this series is available free of charge to members of the cable industry, to educators as well as community and health associations. To obtain a copy of the series, please submit a request to wam@starzencore.com.

 ESPN and Time Warner Cable Team Up to Donate Sports Gear to Boys & Girls Club
Time Warner Cable, Team ESPN and the ESPN Zone are teaming up to distribute recently donated sports gear to the Garden Grove Boys & Girls Club at an ESPN Play Your Way Gear Drive Distribution Party at the ESPN Zone Anaheim scheduled for Monday June 21. The party is the culmination of a one-month long equipment drive that collected new sporting equipment from Time Warner Cable employees and ESPN fans and is part of the ESPN Play Your Way youth fitness initiative.

Time Warner Cable and ESPN employees will host approximately 100 kids from the Garden Grove Boys & Girls Club at the June 21 party. The kids will enjoy dinner, receive a PAG (Physically Active Game) Pack at the party and have the opportunity to meet X Games veterans Fabiola da Silva, Pat Channita and Austen Seaholm.

Time Warner Cable's involvement in the partnership is a natural outgrowth of its history of active support of many of the Boys & Girls Clubs in the Los Angeles area. In addition to encouraging its employees to donate sporting equipment during its company sponsored month long equipment drive, Time Warner Cable will feature the upcoming distribution party during this Saturday's high school sports show on its local origination channel.

The ESPN Play Your Way Youth Initiative is a nationwide youth fitness campaign that promotes youth fitness by providing "games to play, places to play and stuff to play with. For more information about the ESPN Play Your Way Youth Initiative, visit its newly launched Web site or call Juliet Gillliam at 212-456-6744.

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