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SCI FI Channel Creates Science Fiction Curriculum for Earthsea
Lifetime Celebrates Passage of Video Voyeurism Protection Act
omcast Named One of Top 50 Corporations for Multicultural Business Opportunities
Increase Awareness of Your Company with FORUM Sponsorships
Nominate a Colleague for the 2005 Public Affairs Achievement Award
Judge the 2005 Beacon Awards
Thank You Corporate Members for Your Support During 2004!

 SCI FI Channel Creates Science Fiction Curriculum for Earthsea

The SCI FI Channel, Topics Education and Cable in the Classroom have created a curriculum to allow middle and high school English/language arts classes to explore science fiction and fantasy genres through Ursula K. LeGuin's Earthsea novels and SCI FI's new, related series "Legend of Earthsea." The novels and the series address many issues such as struggle for identity, Earthsea's diversity, and magical ethics. Downloadable print materials will offer teachers ideas on incorporating these themes into their existing curriculum. All materials are aligned to the English/language arts standards created by the National Council of Teachers of English and the International Reading Association. Teachers will be able to tape the series during SCI FI's Cable in the Classroom block, but each of the three lessons can be used independently, with or without viewing of the television series.

A special interactive unit will also test students' skills of observation and inference, by reflecting on details of a scene in "Legend of Earthsea" that they might not ordinarily notice. This activity encourages students to become more active viewers and readers.  Another aspect of the Earthsea curriculum is a broadband learning game using text, images and video clips to introduce key literary concepts. The broadband unit is adaptable so cable systems that want to partner with SCI FI Channel may present this educational resource to their local schools.

SCI FI Channel with offer teachers another educational resource in February, when it re-airs "Battlestar Gallactica," an original documentary. Lesson plans related to this film explore war as a backdrop for literature and film, and techniques of satire and propaganda. An online game, Propaganda & War, allows students to hone their media literacy skills by studying WWI and WWII propaganda and creating their own propaganda pieces.

For more information on either of these opportunities, contact Dana Ortiz at or 201-735-3615. 
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 Lifetime Celebrates Passage of Video Voyeurism Protection Act
Last week President Bush signed into law the "Video Voyeurism Protection Act of 2004," marking the second legislative victory for Lifetime this year. Three years ago the Lifetime original movie "Video Voyeur: The Susan Wilson Story" brought the problem of video voyeurism to the attention of Washington, D.C., lawmakers. Lifetime then partnered with the film's star, Angie Harmon; its executive producer, Blue Andre; the film's inspiration, Susan Wilson; advocacy groups like the National Center for Victims of Crime; and several members of Congress to lobby on this issue. When Lifetime began working on video voyeurism, only a few states had laws in place to make it a serious crime. This new law makes it a federal crime to secretly capture images of people in situations when they have the expectation of privacy. The offense is punishable by a fine or up to one year in prison, or both.

This marks the second legislative victory this year for Lifetime's campaign Our Lifetime Commitment: Stop Violence Against Women. Lifetime recently celebrated the passage and enactment of "The Justice for All Act of 2004" to eliminate the backlog of untested DNA evidence and help put thousands (potentially) of rapists behind bars.

In honor of the passage of the Video Voyeurism Protection Act, Lifetime will re-air "Video Voyeur," the true story of Susan Wilson and her family, who were secretly videotaped in their own home, during very private moments, by a trusted friend. The movie will run Saturday, Jan. 8 at 9 p.m. For more information, contact Geralyn Lucas at
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 Comcast Named One of Top 50 Corporations for Multicultural Business Opportunities
Comcast Corporation has been named one of America's Top 50 corporations for Multicultural Business Opportunities in 2004 by DiversityBusinesscom, the largest organization for women and minority-owned businesses in the United States. The honor recognizes the top 50 corporate buyers of diversity products and services, based on online voting completed by over 350,000 women and minority-owned businesses. In its first year on the list, Comcast ranked number 37 out of 50 for its supplier diversity initiatives, which include a nationwide training program to teach suppliers how to establish a business relationship with Comcast. Comcast also encourages partnerships between large vendors and vendors of diversity. For more information about this honor, visit
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 Increase Awareness of Your Company with FORUM Sponsorships
FORUM 2005 is just over four months away, and sponsorship opportunities are going quickly. Sponsorship of an event or conference item during FORUM 2005 places your company directly in front of 400 to 500 cable public affairs professionals. Through the generous support of sponsors, CTPAA will be able to underwrite the delivery of superior educational programs and sessions during FORUM 2005. Visit the FORUM Web site to view the many sponsorship opportunities that are still available. To reserve your sponsorship or to discuss other sponsorship ideas, contact Steve Jones at 202-775-1083 or at
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 Nominate a Colleague for the 2005 Public Affairs Achievement Award
Is there a cable public affairs executive whom you have admired and believe should be recognized by the industry? If so, nominate him or her for the Public Affairs Achievement Award. Presented annually during FORUM, the award recognizes and honors individual members for their outstanding contributions to cable public affairs in the categories of community relations, government relations, media relations or local programming.

The eligibility requirements are:

  • Current member of CTPAA
  • Member of CTPAA for a minimum of three (3) years
  • Worked in public affairs a minimum of five (5) years
  • Supports the goals of the CTPAA
  • Employed by a MSO, Local System, Cable Network, Industry Supplier, or Industry Nonprofit Organization
  • Individuals are eligible to receive the award once for each of the four categories.
  • The current CTPAA President is not eligible for nomination until two years after his or her term in office.

The nomination deadline for the second annual Public Affairs Achievement Award is January 31, 2005. For information on how to nominate someone or to obtain a nomination form, please go to the membership page of the CTPAA Web site
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 Judge the 2005 Beacon Awards
CTPAA invites its members to choose the best of the best cable public affairs initiatives of the past year by being a 2005 Beacon Awards judge. To volunteer, complete the Beacon judge form and send it to CTPAA. As a Beacon judge, CTPAA members will learn what cable public affairs professionals across the country are accomplishing and will walk away from the experience with dozens of new ideas. The first round of Beacon judging will be all day January 26 and 27 in Washington, D.C., with a welcome reception hosted by NCTA on the evening of January 25. For more information, contact Michelle Butler at 202-775-1082 or
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 Thank You Corporate Members for Your Support During 2004!
CTPAA introduced a number of new programs and services this past year. The support of the association by our corporate members enabled CTPAA to underwrite their cost. Join and support CTPAA by becoming a corporate member in 2005. For more information, please contact Steve Jones at or at 202-775-1083. For membership details, go to

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