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The 2005 Beacon Awards Deadline Is Only 14 Days Away!
CTPAA to Recognize Non-Industry Partners with New Award
Comcast, CNN Take Students Behind the Scenes for Election 2004 Wrap-Up
HBO Partners with Industry Organizations to Present Veterans' Day Documentary
Congratulations Barry Taylor!!
Court TV and U.S. Justice Department Host Forum on Intellectual Property Theft
Insight 'Elects' Student Winners of Presidential Challenge
Cable Puts You in Control Launched in Spanish
NCTA to Distribute New Homeland Security PSAs
Judge the 2005 Beacon Awards
Thank You Corporate Members!

 The 2005 Beacon Awards Deadline Is Only 14 Days Away!
There are only 14 days until the 2005 Beacon Awards deadline of December 3, 2004. While there is still plenty of time to put together a Beacon Award winning entry, you must begin working on your submissions now.

For the past few months, CTPAA has been running a series of tips in CPR Facts on how to put together a great 2005 Beacon Award entry. The earlier articles encouraged you to reflect on which public affairs initiatives from the past year you should enter and in which categories, and even why you should enter. The more recent tips focused on how entrants should emphasize the creativity and innovation of the project, show clear results and present the entry well.

Our last tip is one that may be easy to overlook, but it can be a very important issue as the FedEx deadline begins to loom. Think about how you are going to package and mail your entries to CTPAA headquarters. Find boxes and packing materials ahead of time. During shipping, some entries become very disorganized. Please pack well so that doesn't happen to your entry. Label the components of the entry, such as the video, premium items and other parts that may become loose, with the contact name and information, entry title, and category. If your entry does become disorganized during shipping, CTPAA staff then will be able to determine what goes with each entry. You may also want to carve out some extra time before you mail the entries to make sure that the correct entry summaries and support materials are with the correct binders or posters. In the past, individuals who have submitted more than one entry have mixed up the project summaries.

Let a 2005 Beacon Award recognize your superior efforts in cable public affairs. You can find helpful information on the CTPAA Web site. CTPAA has posted the 2005 Beacon Award Call for Entries online in pdf format. On the Beacon page of the CTPAA Web site, members can find brief summaries of 2004 winners and finalists. Members can also read the three-page project summaries from 2001 to 2004 Beacon finalists. These summaries are the core of each Beacon entry and detail the planning, implementation and results of a successful cable public affairs initiative. They can serve as a good model for preparing a 2005 Beacon entry. In order to read these summaries, members will be prompted to enter their user name (email address) and password (last name). All must be in lowercase letters. For more information about the 2005 Beacon Awards, contact Michelle Butler at or at 202-775-1082.

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 CTPAA to Recognize Non-Industry Partners with New Award
The Cable Television Public Affairs Association recently announced more details about a new award to recognize outstanding, non-cable industry partner organizations and individuals in cable public affairs initiatives and to increase outside recognition of the cable industry's efforts in public affairs. CTPAA's Partner Award will be given out during the 2005 Beacon Awards Gala.

"The cable industry is committed to improving the communities in which it serves," said CTPAA President Peter Kiley, director of affiliate relations, C-SPAN Networks. "Partner organizations and individuals are often instrumental to the success of cable public affairs initiatives and their contributions should be honored."

During the two rounds of Beacon Awards judging, CTPAA will invite judges to nominate partners described in Beacon entries for a Partner Award. CTPAA will review all the nominated entries and determine which should be passed on to the Partner Award judging committee to review. This will be partially based on the overall score of the Beacon Award entry and the depth of the involvement and contributions of the partner.

CTPAA will announce the inaugural winners of the Partner Award and winners of the 2005 Beacon Awards during a gala ceremony and dinner on Tuesday, May 3, 2005, at FORUM 2005, the cable industry's annual educational conference dedicated to the issues facing public affairs professionals. FORUM 2005 will be held May 1 to 4, 2005, at The Ritz-Carlton in Washington, D.C. The 2005 Beacon Awards co-chairs are CTPAA Board Member Peggy Ballard, vice president, strategic communications, Scientific-Atlanta, and Brian Wirth, vice president, government & public affairs, Time Warner Cable.

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 Comcast, CNN Take Students Behind the Scenes for Election 2004 Wrap-Up
Comcast and CNN gave Washington, D.C., area students a special opportunity to be part of the live audience for a nationally televised panel discussion reflecting on the media coverage of the 2004 presidential election. About 50 students from Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt, Md., were invited by the Washington, D.C., area Comcast system to be part of the audience for the panel held Nov. 18. The live, interactive show featured CNN panelists and was hosted by Daryn Kagan from CNN Live Today. It was held in the District at CNN's "Crossfire" Studio at The George Washington University's Media & Public Affairs building. Approximately 2,500 other students watched the panel on a special programming feed in 35 schools across the country, thanks to their local cable systems.

Following the panel, The Eleanor Roosevelt students were able to go behind the scenes to learn how television works and have their questions answered by CNN's political experts, anchors, reporters and production professionals. This panel wraps-up "Behind the Scenes at CNN," the news network's annual, in-class educational campaign that gives students an up-close look at television in the 21st century. This year's focus was the presidential election, so from September to November, students examined the political process and the roles of journalists and producers who present campaign coverage to the public. They explored newsgathering techniques, examined each step of the electoral process, and researched the presidential candidates and their platforms. Local cable systems contributed to the campaign in their communities by providing the high-speed Internet service necessary for the four-week program and classroom activities. Teaching guides and classroom materials were provided by Turner Learning, CNN's educational arm. For more information, contact Leigh Majors at
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 HBO Partners with Industry Organizations to Present Veterans' Day Documentary
In honor of Veterans' Day, HBO partnered with several organizations in the cable industry to present a one-hour documentary titled "Last Letters Home" in communities across the country. Many cable systems unscrambled the HBO signal to allow non-subscribers to watch the emotional documentary that honors troops killed in Iraq through the words of some of their final letters, read by the family members that received them. In addition, The Florida Cable Telecommunications Association (FCTA) and Time Warner Cable Los Angeles presented screenings at local high schools.

FCTA held a screening and reception at Godby High School in Tallahassee, Fl., where Robert Wise, a soldier who died in Iraq and whose letter is featured in the film, was once a student. Florida's Lieutenant Governor Toni Jennings and city and county officials were in attendance, as well as many ROTC students and Wise's former ROTC teacher. Wise's parents each spoke to the audience of nearly 300 people about their son's commitment to his school and country. Jennings spoke about the film as a fitting tribute to all veterans who have sacrificed for their country. For more information, contact Janice Caluda at

Time Warner Cable Los Angeles screened the documentary at three local high schools and held student forums afterward to address the views on the documentary and the war on terror. At the Huntington Beach Union High School District Community Day School, about two dozen students watched the film and shared their reactions. At Canoga Park High School, several classes met to watch the film, and representatives from the active duty and reserve armed forces were on hand to put the human toll of battle into perspective. At Huntington Beach High School, the video production class viewed the film and debated the role of the media in documenting the hardships of war. For more information, contact Deane Leavenworth at

HBO also held community screenings in Milwaukee, Nashville, Tenn., and Philadelphia, where some of the families featured in the film reside. HBO provided its partners with copies of a companion book published by LIFE Books to use as a teaching guide. The book, also titled "Last Letters Home," is available in stores and a DVD is expected in 2005. All net profits from these sales will go to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, an organization that donates money to the spouses and children of fallen troops. HBO's Web site features material to supplement the documentary.
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 Congratulations Barry Taylor!!
Barry Taylor, director of government & community affairs for Comcast, is the first CTPAA member to submit a 2005 Beacon Awards Entry. "Tapping into the Total Customer Experience" is an Employees; Full Campaign/Series; Cable System IV entry, and "A Prosperous Partnership" is a Community; Full Campaign Series; Cable System IV entry.  Join Barry and submit your own entries for the 2005 Beacon Awards. The deadline is December 3, 2004. CTPAA will announce the winners of the 2005 Beacon Awards during a gala ceremony on Tuesday, May 3, 2005, at The Ritz-Carlton in Washington, D.C. during FORUM 2005.
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 Court TV and U.S. Justice Department Host Forum on Intellectual Property Theft
Intellectual property theft is a prominent issue maintaining a great deal of attention as legislative debates over online file sharing continue on Capitol Hill. Court TV and the U.S. Department of Justice joined together to stimulate dialogue on this issue with a forum for more than 100 Washington, D.C., area students and Attorney General John Ashcroft. The event, entitled Activate Your Mind: Protect Your Ideas, was held in Washington, D.C., on October 20. Students were invited to express their opinions about intellectual property theft and ask questions directly to the Attorney General.

During the day-long event at the Justice Department offices, students heard from other government officials including Deputy Attorney General James Comey, industry executives such as Court TV Chairman & CEO Henry Schleiff, and several entertainers about how the law protects individuals' ideas and the products they create. Students also enjoyed musical performances and attended workshops on alternatives to illegal downloading. At the end of the day, students created presentations using concepts learned during the event.

The forum kicked off a national education campaign introduced by the Justice Department's Task Force on Intellectual Property. Ashcroft created the task force in April of 2004 to examine how the Department handles intellectual property issues and to obtain recommendations for future efforts. Court TV's involvement stems from its ongoing public affairs initiative Choices and Consequences that tackles real-life issues with the goal of empowering youth to make responsible decisions and contribute positively to society. For more information, contact Jennifer Geisser at
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 Insight 'Elects' Student Winners of Presidential Challenge
During the presidential election, Insight Communications held an election of their own, and last week "inaugurated" student winners of the "Insight eLECTIONS Challenge." Insight invited middle school and high school teachers to host competitions in their classrooms utilizing Cable in the Classroom's 3-D, high-speed online game "eLECTIONS: An Adventure in Politics." Students in Louisville, Ky., Lexington, Ky., Bowling Green Ky., and Danville, Ill. competed in Insight's challenge. When the votes were counted, four females and a mixture of Democrats and Republicans were "elected."

In honor of their victories, Insight hosted inauguration celebrations in the four communities, with mayors, principals, teachers and Insight executives gathered for the swearing-in ceremonies. Winning students were presented with presidential baskets comprised of snacks favored by past Presidents including peanuts (President Carter), jelly beans (President Reagan), and pretzels (President George W. Bush). Insight plans to host the challenge again in the next presidential election. For more information contact Whitney Moose, Manager of Corporate Communication for Insight, at

Cable in the Classroom's eLECTIONS game, designed in conjunction with The History Channel and CNN, allows players to embark on a virtual campaign by taking a stand on the issues, allocating campaign funds, hosting fundraisers and reacting to the press. Throughout the interactive educational experience, players are prompted to dig deeper into each step of the democratic process including primary elections, party conventions, debates and the Electoral College. To play eLECTIONS visit 
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 Cable Puts You in Control Launched in Spanish
This week NCTA and Cable in the Classroom announced the launch of a Spanish language Web site for the industry-wide Cable Puts You in Control initiative. The Spanish language version of, will educate Spanish-speaking parents about the tools and technologies available to help them make decisions about television viewing. Since Cable Puts You in Control was launched last spring, other consumer education materials have reached out to the Hispanic community, including Spanish language PSAs and media literacy tip sheets. NCTA also announced that Cable Puts You in Control PSAs have been aired more than 2.8 million times from the initiative's launch last May through the end of September. In addition, from May 1 through Oct. 31, more than 182,000 unique visitors have visited
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 NCTA to Distribute New Homeland Security PSAs
Continuing its partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), next week NCTA will distribute a new set of PSAs created to encourage Americans to formulate a plan for handling emergencies and natural disasters. NCTA joined with the DHS and more than 80 other organizations to sponsor National Preparedness Month in September, and these PSAs are just one part of the cable industry's commitment to this cause. The Ad Council designed the 30-second spots in collaboration with the DHS, and NCTA will distribute them to operators that wish to air them. NCTA will set up satellite feeds Monday, Nov. 22 and Tuesday, Nov. 23 from 2 to 2:30 p.m. EDT each day. For details including frequency information, contact Allison Frey Shelton in the NCTA Public Affairs office at 202-775-3629 or
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 Judge the 2005 Beacon Awards
CTPAA invites its members to choose the best of the best cable public affairs initiatives of the past year by being a 2005 Beacon Awards judge. To volunteer, complete the Beacon judge form and send it to CTPAA. As a Beacon judge, CTPAA members will learn what cable public affairs professionals across the country are accomplishing and will walk away from the experience with dozens of new ideas. The first round of Beacon judging will be all day January 26 and 27 in Washington, DC, with a welcome reception hosted by NCTA on the evening of January 25. For more information, contact Michelle Butler at 202-775-1082.
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 Thank You Corporate Members!
Join and support CTPAA by becoming a corporate member. For information on how your organization can join CTPAA as a corporate member, please contact Steve Jones at or at 202-775-1083. For membership details, go to

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