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Only 42 Days to the 2005 Beacon Awards Deadline!
CTPAA Launches New Periodical to Explore Key Cable Industry Issues
Cox Donates $3 Million to TGen for Genomics Research
Lifetime's Advocacy Efforts Help in Passage of Legislation
HITN Hosts Breakfast Featuring FCC Commissioner Copps
New CTPAA Directory Mailed to Membership
Two CTPAA Members Receive Honors
Judge the 2005 Beacon Awards
NCTA Requests Usage Forms for Cable Puts You in Control
Thank You Corporate Members!

 Only 42 Days to the 2005 Beacon Awards Deadline!
There are 42 days until the 2005 Beacon Awards deadline of December 3, 2004, and 28 days to the Early Bird deadline of November 19, 2004. The Early Bird deadline allows members to save $50 off of every entry submitted. While 42 days may seem like a long way off, it's not too early to begin working on a submission to the Beacon Awards.

As you put together your Beacon Award entry, one area to pay particular attention to is how you document the results of your project. Results count for 25% of the total score. In your Beacon Award entry three-page summary, stress how your project achieved the goals you had set for it. Many wonderfully planned projects have lost Beacon Awards because they couldn't show they had made any impact on the target audience.

In your Beacon Award entries, detail the measurements of success for the project in relation to the goals and try to include quantifiable results. Some Beacon Award winning entries have included information on how the project improved the company's bottom line. Many document the number and type of media coverage received. Others have information on how much money was raised for a philanthropic organization, how many volunteers were recruited, or how many people attended a specific event. If you surveyed customers before and after a campaign or if you can document the change in behavior of customers after a campaign, share that information.

Some times results are difficult to quantify, but they can still be shown. If a goal of the project was to build relationships, how did these relationships help you and your company? If you had a partner on this project, how did it help the partner achieve its goals? What credit did the company get for the effort? Include letters, newspaper articles, thank you notes, proclamations, pictures, letters to the editor, etc. Third party endorsements have the most impact. Just patting yourself on your back doesn't impress the judges.

Let a 2005 Beacon Award recognize your superior efforts in cable public affairs. You can find helpful information on the CTPAA Web site. CTPAA has posted the 2005 Beacon Award Call for Entries online in pdf format. On the Beacon page of the CTPAA Web site, members can find brief summaries of 2004 winners and finalists. Members can also read the three-page project summaries from 2001 to 2004 Beacon finalists. These summaries are the core of each Beacon Award entry and detail the planning, implementation and results of a successful cable public affairs initiative. They can serve as a good model for preparing a 2005 Beacon Award entry. In order to read these summaries, members will be prompted to enter their user name (their email) and password (their last name). All must be in lowercase letters. For more information about the 2005 Beacon Awards, contact Michelle Butler at mbutler@ctpaa.org or at 202-775-1082.
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 CTPAA Launches New Periodical to Explore Key Cable Industry Issues
CTPAA has launched a new publication "CTPAAbriefs," developed for the express purpose of bringing clarity to topical and complex cable television industry issues. The inaugural issue, "Cable Television. . . A La Carte? -- It's Really Pay Per Channel," was written to clarify the economics surrounding this issue, dispel common myths that have been spreading throughout the country, and argue cable's perspective regarding possible legislation or regulation under consideration.

The CTPAAbriefs are written for public affairs, government relations, executive office and other staff members who need a clear, concise, subject oriented guide on industry topics they must face, most often at the local level. The briefs were developed to provide a response to industry issues from the cable perspective. It is modeled after the former Cable Telecommunications Association's CATAbrief last published in 1999. Topics for future issues of CTPAAbriefs may include must carry/multicasting, VoIP, copyright, and the digital transition. Four to six issues will be printed and distributed annually.

Many of the briefs will be written in a straightforward style, so they can be handed directly to local opinion leaders as a valuable guide to industry concerns. Nearly 1,000 copies of the first edition of CTPAAbriefs are being mailed to CTPAA's membership and cable system executives this week. The issue also may be downloaded from the association's Web site at http://www.magnetmail.net/ls.cfm?r=2707054&sid=293338&m=59736&u=CTPPA&s=http://www.ctpaa.org/docs/CTPAABriefs.10.4.04_Final.pdf.
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 Cox Donates $3 Million to TGen for Genomics Research
In the largest single gift in its history, Cox Communications Arizona donated $3 million to the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) to advance genomics research for cures and treatments of diseases. Cox Arizona will maintain its focus on youth and education and will continue its annual $7 million in cash and in-kind contributions to community youth and education organizations.

TGen was created in 2002 and offered a unique opportunity for Cox to combine business and philanthropic endeavors. TGen was established in Arizona by a group of leaders who met to discuss genomics and was funded by $90 million in civic gifts. Since then it has become a major economic engine driving jobs and people to the area and cementing Arizona's place in the biotech sector. Cox's partnership with TGen also makes it the exclusive telecommunications provider for the research institute, so Cox sees the partnership as an asset to both philanthropic and business objectives.

TGen's work conforms with Cox's dedication to community, as the genomics research aims to discover new treatments, therapies and even cures for medical conditions like autism, melanoma, pancreatic cancer, brain tumors and diabetes. Cox intends to educate the community about TGen and will begin by airing a series of promotional spots illustrating the importance of the Institute's work through stories of local residents whose lives have been improved by genome research. Cox hopes its partnership with TGen will inspire other companies to follow its lead.

The announcement of the contribution was made at TGen's temporary laboratory in Tempe to an audience that included Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, and more than 200 business and community leaders. TGen's new facility is set to open in December. For more information, contact Andrea Katsenes, director of media relations, Cox Arizona, at andrea.katsenes@cox.com.
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 Lifetime's Advocacy Efforts Help in Passage of Legislation
More than two years of lobbying have paid off for Lifetime Television as the "Justice for All Act of 2004" has passed in both houses of Congress and is on its way to the President's desk to be signed into law. Lifetime delivered more than 110,000 petition signatures to Congress and urged viewers to call their legislators to finally pass HR 5107, a bill that could help put approximately 67,000 rapists behind bars. The legislation will provide about $1 billion over five years to process untested DNA backlog, enhance the collection and processing of DNA evidence, and better train law enforcement officers, sexual assault forensic nurses, and prosecutors.

This legislation is a victory for Lifetime and its partners: community organizations like the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN), legislators like Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), and especially rape survivor Debbie Smith. Lifetime contributed to the legislation's passage by collecting petition signatures from lifetimetv.com, airing public service announcements to inform viewers, sending emails to generate calls to representatives and senators, advocating in the halls of Congress with its partners, and hosting press conferences and special events to garner support for the bill. This is just one component of the network's public awareness initiative, "Our Lifetime Commitment: Stop Violence Against Women" that aims to raise awareness of all forms of violence against women, including domestic abuse, sexual assault, stalking, and video voyeurism, and to change laws to protect against these abuses.
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 HITN Hosts Breakfast Featuring FCC Commissioner Copps
Hispanic television network HITN-TV sponsored an "Emerging New York Breakfast Series" event on Oct. 8 that featured an address by FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps. Business and community leaders attended the event in New York City. The breakfast series is held regularly to discuss issues relevant to Hispanics, the fastest growing minority group in the country, and other minorities in the New York region.

As the featured speaker, Copps discussed the potential negative impact of media concentration on minority populations and the lack of diverse viewpoints within the country. Copps began his address by saying, "The digital tools of the Information Age are the keys to unlocking the doors of opportunity. We must make sure these doors are open-and that they remain open-for every American, and that they do not continue to be locked shut for some." He noted that Hispanics own less than three percent of electronic media outlets and are under represented as a group within the executive suite of major networks. Copps emphasized that he sees one of his roles as a commissioner on the FCC is to ensure minority groups are able to participate as media owners and have an opportunity to "air" their viewpoints.

Recent breakfast topics have included trends in immigration, consumer and business communications, public and private partnerships, financing, health, and housing. For more information, contact Jill Lewis, director of public relations, HITN-TV at 212-966-5660 or jlewis@hitn.org
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 New CTPAA Directory Mailed to Membership
CTPAA mailed the new 2004/2005 CTPAA Membership Directory & Resource Guide to members earlier this week. For members' convenience, the directory lists all members in alphabetical order by last name, by state and city, and by organization. It incorporates information on industry associations and the trade press as well as quick reference guides to corporate members, the CTPAA Board of Directors, FORUM and Beacon committee members, Board committees, past CTPAA presidents, and all 2004 Beacon Award winners. If you have not received a copy, please contact CTPAA at 202-775-1081, 800-210-3396, or services@ctpaa.org
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 Two CTPAA Members Receive Honors
Congratulations to CTPAA members Anthony Surratt and Meredith Wagner, who were honored recently for their professional achievements and contributions to the community.

Anthony Surratt, executive director of public relations at Cox Communications, received the Outstanding Public Relations Professional Award for 2004 from the Georgia Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. The award recognizes Surratt as a seasoned professional who demonstrates leadership in, advancement of and contributions to the public relations profession. In addition to being an active member of CTPAA and PRSA, Surratt also represents Cox on the board of the Emma Bowen Foundation.

Meredith Wagner, executive vice president of public affairs and corporate communication at Lifetime, was honored by the Pi Kappa Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha. The international, community service, nonprofit organization was the first Greek organization established in the U.S. by black college women. Wagner received one of the 2004 Community Trailblazer Awards for her work with children through Lifetime's "Our Lifetime Commitment: Caring for Kids." This initiative unites the Caring for Kids Coalition, a group of more than 40 women's and children's organizations, to promote early childhood education and access to affordable, quality childcare.
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 Judge the 2005 Beacon Awards
CTPAA invites its members to choose the best of the best cable public affairs initiatives of the past year by being a 2005 Beacon Awards judge. To volunteer, complete the Beacon judge form and send it to CTPAA. As a Beacon judge, CTPAA members will learn what cable public affairs professionals across the country are accomplishing and will walk away from the experience with dozens of new ideas. The first round of Beacon judging will be all day January 26 and 27 in Washington, DC, with a welcome reception hosted by NCTA on the evening of January 25. For more information, contact Michelle Butler at mbutler@ctpaa.org or at 202-775-1082.
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 NCTA Requests Usage Forms for Cable Puts You in Control
In order to track the success of Cable Puts You in Control, NCTA and Cable in the Classroom's industry-wide consumer education campaign, NCTA is requesting response forms for September usage of campaign materials. The form includes how often operators ran PSAs, how many brochures were distributed, and other ways materials were used. Please return forms to NCTA by Monday, October 25. For information or to receive a form, contact the NCTA Public Affairs Department at 202-775-3629.
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 Thank You Corporate Members!
Welcome to our newest corporate member, BET! For information on how your organization can join CTPAA as a corporate member, please contact Steve Jones at sjones@ctpaa.org or at 202-775-1083. For membership details, go to ctpaa.org/mcorp.shtml.

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