CTPAA Names Participants for its Western Show Panel "Avoiding Tech Speak"
The Cable Television Public Affairs Association (CTPAA) has confirmed six cable executives to participate on its technology communications panel and luncheon during the Western Show on Thursday December 4, noon to 2:00 p.m. in the Anaheim Marriott hotel. The panelists are: Angie Branham-Britt, senior director, marketing, communications, & public affairs, Motorola, Broadband Communications Sector; Dawn Chmielewski, multimedia reporter/columnist, San Jose Mercury News; Deanne Leavenworth, vice president, corporate relations & communications, Time Warner Communications; Patti Rockenwagner, vice president, communications, Comcast, Southern California; and Stewart Schley, principal, Stewart Schley Editorial Services. TechTV's Michaela Pereira, anchor of "Tech Live," will moderate the session.

"Customers, customer care representatives, government officials, electronic retailers and the media are struggling to understand cable's increasing number of new offerings and their benefits," said CTPAA executive director, Steve Jones. "Public affairs professionals need to have a thorough understanding of this potentially complex and confusing mix of products and how they are best communicated and explained to various audiences."

The panel "Avoiding Tech Speak" will examine the new and high tech services cable is or will soon offer and how public affairs professionals can effectively communicate these products to a variety of audiences. The ultimate objective of the panel is to insure customers and others fully understand the entire range of cable products, services, benefits, and applications. To do this effectively, cable systems, programming networks and technology providers must employ multiple methods to reach out to and communicate with their customers.

CTPAA invites members and the press attending the Western Show, members in the region, and individuals with an interest in public affairs to register for this FREE luncheon and program. Seating is limited. Please contact CTPAA at 800-210-3396 or via email to services@ctpaa.org for reservations.

 Congratulations Ed Madden!!
Ed Madden, general manager for Charter Communications Mid-Michigan Operations, is the first CTPAA member to submit a 2004 Beacon Award Entry. Since he submitted the entry well before the early bird deadline of November 7, 2003, he also saved $50 on his entry fee. It is not too early for other members to think about their Beacon entries. The 2004 Beacon Awards early bird deadline is November 7, 2003, and allows CTPAA members to save $50 off the entry fee. The regular deadline is November 21, 2003.

CTPAA has several features on the Beacon pages of the CTPAA Web site to assist members who are preparing their entries. There are links to Frequently Asked Questions, short descriptions of the 2003 Beacon Award winners, and 2001 - 2003 Beacon Finalist project summaries. The project summary is the core of every Beacon entry and details the planning, implementation and results of a successful cable public affairs initiative. These posted project summaries from past Beacon finalists may serve as a good model when preparing a Beacon entry. The summaries are posted in the members-only section of the CTPAA Web site, which requires the member to log in. A prompt will ask for the member's user name (the member's email in lowercase letters) and password (the member's last name all in lowercase letters).

CTPAA will announce the winners of the 2004 Beacon Awards during a gala ceremony and dinner on Tuesday, March 23, 2004, at FORUM 2004, the cable industry's annual educational conference dedicated to the issues facing public affairs professionals. FORUM 2004 will be held March 21-24, 2004, at the Fairmont Hotel in Washington, D.C. For more information on the 2004 Beacon Awards, contact Michelle Butler at 202-775-1082 or via email at mbutler@ctpaa.org.

 Comcast Launches Two New National Initiatives
This fall Comcast has launched two national initiatives with the United Way of America and the Partnership for a Drug Free America. Comcast has joined the National Corporate Leadership program, United Way's premier program for corporate sponsors and will launch a company and nation-wide "giving" campaign November 3-14. The campaign will assist United Way by supplying regular messaging through co-branded United Way materials and providing turnkey resources for local United Way chapters. Comcast and United Way's partnership will address issues specific to local communities and motivate Comcast employees to volunteer with local organizations.  For more information, contact Jenni Moyer at jenni_moyer@cable.comcast.com.

Comcast has also announced a three-year cross channel advertising commitment supporting the Partnership for a Drug Free America to increase exposure for anti-drug advertising. Valued at $50 million, Comcast's commitment is the largest contribution in the history of The Partnership for a Drug-Free America. Comcast will help the Partnership deliver messages of 'hope, help, and warning' on its cable systems in 35 states.

Initially, the campaign messages will focus on educating viewers on Estcasy and methamphetamine abuse, and also encourage parents to prioritize knowing the whereabouts of their teens. Eventually, the campaign will focus on regional needs and drug threats. The Partnership released a report showing a strong relationship between exposure to anti-drug messages and parental action, and that parents who are exposed to anti-drug messages are more likely to talk to their kids about drugs. According to the Partnership Attitude Tracking Study, kids who learn about the risks of drug use at home are up to 54% less likely to use drugs.  For more information, contact ed_donovan@cable.comcast.com.

 C-SPAN and Bresnan Communications Teamed Up for the Rocky Mountain Tour
C-SPAN recently teamed with Bresnan Communications for the Rocky Mountain Tour, a two-week long, 1,500 mile tour of three Western states. From September 22 to October 3, the C-SPAN School Bus traveled to Bresnan affiliates in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana and visited schools, colleges, government offices and senior citizen centers to demonstrate C-SPAN's public affairs programming.

C-SPAN proposed the tour as a way to welcome Bresnan Communications and its chairman and CEO Bill Bresnan back to the cable industry after a two year hiatus. A long time supporter of the public affairs network, Bresnan Communications has committed to full carriage of both C-SPAN and C-SPAN2 in all of its systems.

The Bresnan & C-SPAN Rocky Mountain Tour launched in Grand Junction, Colo., with visits to two local high schools and to Mesa State University. The bus continued to Ft. Morgan, Colo., Laramie, Casper, Jackson, and Cody, Wyo., and finished in Mont. with stops in Bozeman, Helena and Missoula. Bresnan and C-SPAN Chairman and CEO Brian Lamb joined the Rocky Mountain Tour for its second week.

Other highlights of the tour included a live Washington Journal morning program from Montana State University and a visit to the state Capitol. On Wednesday, October 1, C-SPAN's Washington Journal was live from the Burns Telecommunications Center at Montana State University in Bozeman. Via satellite from Washington, D.C., U.S. Senators Conrad Burns (R-MT) and Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) answered questions from students and Brian Lamb. On Thursday, October 2, the C-SPAN school bus visited the Capitol in Helena, Montana. Governor Judy Martz toured the bus and spoke with Lamb, Bresnan, and Capitol High School students.

 Motorola and Cox Communications San Diego Partner for Educational Pilot Program
Motorola Broadband Communications Sector and Cox Communications San Diego have partnered with the Lemon Grove, California, School District to introduce an educational pilot program. Both companies are working to deploy Motorola SBG1000 wireless cable modem gateways in students' homes via Cox's broadband network. As part of the One-to-One@School and Home program, two Lemon Grove sixth-grade classes and three teachers are all provided with wireless thin-client tablets and linked to the community's extensive broadband network. These students and teachers in the district are redefining traditional instructional models and creating a flexible, technology-driven learning environment. Through this pilot program, the Lemon Grove School District is discovering the educational impact of broadband and wireless technology. For more information, contact Bev Dribin at 215-323-1156 or bev.dribin@motorola.com.

 Judge the 2004 Beacons
CTPAA invites its members to choose the best of the best cable public affairs initiatives of the past year by being a 2004 Beacon Awards judge. To volunteer, complete the Beacon judge form and send it to CTPAA. As a Beacon judge, CTPAA members will learn what cable public affairs professionals across the country are accomplishing and will walk away from the experience with dozens of new ideas. The first round of Beacon judging will be all day January 14 and 15 in Washington, DC, with a welcome reception hosted by NCTA on the evening of January 13. For more information, contact Michelle Butler at 202-775-1082.

 Thank You Corporate Members!
For information on how your organization can join CTPAA as a corporate member in 2004, please contact Steve Jones at sjones@ctpaa.org or at 202-775-1083. For membership details, go to http://www.magnetmail.net/Actions/linktosite.cfm?message_id=20666&user_id=CTPPA&recipient_id=6872048&site=http://www.ctpaa.org/mcorp.shtml.

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