2013 Beacon Awards® Judging Form

Code:  Entry Code
Category:  Category – Entrant Classification
Entry Title:  Entry Title
Company:  Organization

Please rate the entry based on the following five categories.  Questions are included under each section as a guideline.  Section totals are built on a 100-point scale.  Fill in the blanks with your number based on the maximum point scale indicated.  Use whole numbers only.  Written comments and suggestions are encouraged.

Planning and Strategy (20%)    ____20
Implementation  (25%)    ____25
Results  (35%)       ____35
Creativity (20%)     ____20

                                                                                                            TOTAL     ______100


Golden Beacon Award    Yes   No

Awarded to an initiative that has made a strong impact in the cable industry, while enhancing cable's image nationwide.     

Please make comments/suggestions for the entrant on the reverse side of this judging form.